5 teens (siblings) are born with the sign, which means they are Cyans, they have supernatural gifts and move to a school, cadvillar, for cyans, the quiet nice 15 year old igrl out of the siblingsfalls inlove,s but things change, her sister starts to self harm, her brothers are overprotective and her sister keeps having fights with their mum.

I'd always wonder why we where different, Milly, Rob, Callum, Jess and I. Why we could do things that no one else seemed to be able to do, why we were al


  I’d always wonder why we where different, Milly, Rob, Callum, Jess and I. Why we could do things that no one else seemed to be able to do, why we were always different from the other kids at school. Sure everyone’s different right? But we really where different, each in our own way but we never knew the reason until we were transferred to Cadvillar academy. Of course Michelle had always said that we shouldn’t feel any different from anyone else but she was Michelle, of course she would say that, but I still remember our first days, weeks there.


Chapter 1

Ok, why do we have to go to this stupid old convent?” moaned my sister Milly, she tossed her blonde hair away from her face.

“Look, we’ve already been through this, you’ll like it, Max and I went there remember?” Michelle, our mother answered, Max was our father, he worked a lot especially since we moved round here, they had gone to Cadvillar when they where thirteen.

“So why do we have to go there? It’s falling apart anyway” Milly answered back

“How long left?”Millie’s twin brother Callum asked

“Nearly there now” Michelle answered again

“Do they play football?”Callum asked, Michelle sighed,

“Of course Callum”

“You’ve made us come here because of what’s wrong with us, haven’t you”

“Of course not, nothing’s wrong with you kids, nothing” Michelle replied sternly.

As we sat in the car silently I could see a tall building, it didn’t look big enough to be a school, just big enough to be someone’s mansion in the middle of the woods, Michelle drove through its gate as it opened for us after swiping something on a machine, and she drove in toward what looked like a fairly-sized wood, stone and glass house.

“Is that Cadvillar?” Milly asked bewildered as the rest of us sat there amazed except for Michelle who smirked the whole time.

“Yes, don’t you like it?” asked Michelle

“Yeah but it looks a bit small to house a few thousand students”

“Well just wait until you see the inside”

“Why is it glass and why are there loads of hand scanners?” I asked, the school was protected by an iron gate, nearly as tall as the house itself but it still looked pretty.

“It’s so intruders can’t get inside and norm . . . and people can’t wonder in to see what it’s supposed to be” laughed Michelle

“Can’t they just have normal security like a normal school? And why would people want to see what it is, it’s just a school right?” questioned Callum.

“Right, you’ll see” Michelle grinned; she seemed amused by our lack of understanding. “Get out of the car, we’ll walk from here”. We stopped once we were inside the gates.

 “Ok now Mr Higgins is . . . very old now, he has been working here for over sixty years, so he might be a bit . . . frail, you must call him Professor Higgins formally” cautioned Michelle

We went through more security infested doors before stepping into a huge hall way that was twice as big as the house looking school looked from the outside, it had a marbled stair case that twirled round to another floor, I could of swore the school looked like a bungalow from outside compared to the inside; there was a giant grand piano in the left corner and the floor was so clean and shiny I could see our reflections in it.

“Wow” I heard someone whisper impressed

“Hello darlings” sang a high pitched voice coming towards us.

“Oh, Miss Moyle, you haven’t changed one bit” gleamed Michelle. Miss Moyle looked at least forty, she had white pearly teeth every time she grinned and permed short copper hair, she looked like a fairy God mother, the kind you got out of a fairy tale.

Miss Moyle froze. “Michelle, is that you, oh my” a huge smile swept across her face.

We followed them through another door which said ‘headmaster Higgins office’ and through a hall way full of ancient looking people in ball gowns and leotards, who I assumed could only be some kind of royalty.

“They really did know how to dress” mumbled Jess.

Callum smirked.

“Well this is a long walk away from the door that said heads office,” mentioned Milly, almost moaning. “My feet are starting to hurt”

“Please, it’s not that long Milly” Rob sighed.

We finally reached an entrance with a notice reading,


Before you enter,

                        Have you remembered the following if they apply for your visit?


Checked your shoe laces,

Right coloured hair bands

, uniform worn appropriately,

Seniors chosen clothing worn immaculately

 Permission from professors,

Calmed down from a fight,

Remembered your manners’

Have your apology letter ready’


         Whoa. Well you had to be prepared just to see Mr. Higgins, however old he maybe.

 “Who even reads these useless notices” whispered Rob; he shook his head slightly so his hair moved out of his eyes, this was a little habit that he had, he had a pageboy cut that needed cutting soon.

Milly snickered. There was an old bald frail man sitting behind a large office like desk, no way did he look his eighty years of age, yes he looked old but not that old. He was wearing a long black over coat that looked way too big for him. The room was even bigger than our front room at home.

“Michelle Johnson is that you, oh it’s been years”, cried Mr Higgins “you must be Egan now”.

“You still remember me; you never forgot a face” Michelle smiled.

“Of course not, my memories’ still as fit as a fiddle” Mr Higgins chimed proudly,

Ah, you must be Jessica, the eldest am I right, then Robert, eldest boy, Millicent, lovely hair like your fathers, Callum, Millicent’s twin brother I assume and . . . Ruby Egan, yes” he eyed me meaningfully. I winced. Why did he say my name last? He was getting the age order right until he left me out; I’m older than the twins.

“Yes” I answered.

“Lovely children Michelle, glad to have them” he said as he scanned through our old school reports.

“And marvellous grades too” he beamed. “I assume you’ll have them start the day after tomorrow”

“ oh, I was going to wait until the new term in a few weeks” she looked at him and his expression fell “but you know, I’m sure starting early will help them settle in” she smiled. That was a bit soon, but I didn’t mind, I don’t really like school that much anyway, wouldn’t miss anything.

“Monday” Jess murmured,

“So, how old are you?” asked Mr Higgins, eyeing each of us meaningfully again, especially me

“I’m seventeen, my brother sixteen, the twins fourteen and fifteen sir” Jessica answered for us

“Hm, you all look very grown up for your age” Mr Higgins smiled “I see that your eyes have gone slightly purple Jess, you’re getting tired, I know it’s a long way back so I won’t keep you” he smiled and turned to Michelle “I’ll have reverend send you all the information they’ll need, of course have you told them why they are here?”

“Well . . . I thought it. . .” Michelle struggled,

“I see, I see”

“Well we best get back” smiled Michelle, obviously the previous question was still on her mind,

“Yes, yes dear and tell Charles I send my best regards”

“Of course Mr Higgins” replied Michelle, in all my fifteen years of knowing Michelle I’ve never known her to be so obedient and soft to anyone, she obviously felt a great deal of respect for her old head master.

“Good bye children, or should I say young men” he nodded at rob and Callum “bye ladies, bye Ruby”

“Bye Professor Higgins” we chimed, I felt a bit freaked out.

            The instant we were in the car we were full of questions for Michelle.           

“How does he see my eye change colour?, they were meant to be shielded, they were meant to be brown” hissed Jess, which was unlike her”
“Mr Higgins is just like us, his eyes didn’t ever show his emotions, he learnt to control them exceptionally well, just like your father and I do, he has had so many years of practice, but with his years they hardly change anyway now, they nearly always stay hazel and brown.

“Do all the students here have the whole eye shifting colour thing?” asked Milly,

Michelle laughed, “Most”.

          We were already home, and it was getting late, on the way back Michelle had stopped at ‘Mickey’s place’ for fries and milk shakes, mostly because Callum wouldn’t shut up about how hungry he was.

“We need to get your new school stuff tomorrow so go to bed now ok, night” Michelle kissed us each on our foreheads and went to her rooms with a cup of coffee.

“Night you lot” said Rob, his and Callum’s was on the other side of the stairs. Michelle and Charlie had bought this house in????  nearly a year ago. It was bigger than our old house, which meant me and Milly didn’t have to share a room anymore. I picked up Casper my fluffy ginger cat and took him into my room, when we moved here I painted my room purple because it’s sort of my favourite colour (I don’t really have favourite anything’s)and most of my stuff match,  Milly obviously got hers painted pink.  “Night Milly” I yawned as Milly turned the other way and went to her own room.

“Hey, hey ok Casper let me fill your water bowl” I put Casper down and went in to the bathroom to fill his bowl. My bathroom was quite small, just a shower, toilet and basin in the corners. Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in” I shouted lightly I put down Casper’s water next to my bed.” oh hi Jess”

“Hi” said Jess sleepily; she was dressed in her cosy-looking pyjamas. I hardly ever saw her in pyjamas; she always came down to breakfast fully dressed, even on weekends; getting dressed for bed was usually the last thing she done before going to sleep.

“You’re in your pyjamas” I mentioned curiously,

“I was already dressed by the time that I realized I needed to see you” she laughed lightly,

“Oh, what did you want to see me about?” I asked as I quickly tidied my room, moving certain objects with my eyes; it wasn’t that I was trying to act as if I was only half listening to her, I genuinely tidied my room quickly before I went to bed. Someone else popped their head through my door,

“Mu . . . Dad”, Jess and I smiled

“How was it, today with Mr Higgins?”

“Fine, he’s quite old now, we’re starting on Monday”

“Yes I know Michelle told me, he would be though, and he’s been there for donkey’s years, when I was still Callum’s age or even before, anyway, good night girls”

“Night dad” Jess shut the door with her eyes again

“Just that” she paused returning back to the subject again “when we were at the school today, Mr Higgins looked at you as if he knew you from somewhere, he kept glancing over to you knowingly, it was a bit. . .weird” she winced

“I didn’t really notice but yeah it was a bit weird, if you say so”

“That’s all, get ready in the morning, we’re going shopping at around eight, yeah” she left the room and stuck her head through the door

“Yes” I answered

“Go to sleep” and she shut the door.

                  Next morning I went down stairs where Rob and Callum where already eating breakfast. Callum who we never see before lunch times during weekends due to his tendency to oversleep.

“Oh morning Ruby” smiled Rob

“Good morning you two” I smiled back

“No I woke up first I use the bathroom” shouted a voice from upstairs. We all jumped.

“Stop being so pathetic Milly, I just need to get something”

“No, tough” and we heard a door slam. That was the good thing, I got to have my own bathroom but Milly and Jess had to share as I got the smallest room, theirs each double my size. Callum rolled his eyes and Rob laughed.

“Is it going to be like this every morning” he asked,

“Well Jessie’s normally up and ready before anyone else” The thought brought me back to last night. 

“Ruby, we’re leaving as soon as those to come down” she said looking at the ceiling “eat something dear” she scurried off with papers in her hand to her office. I wasn’t really hungry; the boys were eating sausages, eggs and bacon that Max had clearly fried this morning before heading off to work, it was the only thing he could cook and Michelle didn’t like the smell or grease on her suits. I reached down to the cupboard with the cereal in; I poured some milk into a bowl of corn flakes and sat down beside Rob.

“Your still veggie then Rub’s” Callum joked,

“Yes” I answered tucking in to my breakfast.

Jessica Lucy Egan is such a . . . argh” Milly squealed as she towel dried her hair and emerged from the door.

Rob and Callum laughed amused. Jess strolled in behind Milly and grabbed the last sausage; she took a huge bite before speaking,

“Ok let’s go” then she headed back out of the kitchen door with a smile on her face.

Nine . . . Ten” Milly whispered to herself and opened her eyes as she heard Jess go.

“Sorry no more sausages” Callum joked,

“I’m not hungry” snapped Milly as she threw her wet towel on Callum’s head and stormed out to the car, her damp curly hair shaking behind her. Rob laughed in amusement. Then Callum whacked him around the head with the towel.

“Come on boys, let’s go” I said. I lifted their empty plates and piled them in the sink with my eyes careful not to lose my focus, this was one of the main things we could do that no one else seemed to, we were psychokinetic, by inheritance. Michelle had forbidden us to do this or any form of parapsychology, especially out of our home, but as we got older Michelle couldn’t really control it and we were more careful and understood more now. Well so we thought.

“You’re getting better and better at that every day; Callum can’t even make a piece of paper levitate without dropping it to the ground”

“Thanks, but I’m not as good as you or Jess”

“Yet” Callum mumbled, slouching on the chair.

                   We sat in the car as we read the check list Mr Higgins had given us. It seemed reasonable enough. We drove down town to the shops.

“Ok get everything on the first page and meet me at lorezzis’ in about three hours” Michelle instructed as she looked at her watch. Lorezzis’ was Jessie’s favourite Italian place “we’ll get everything on the second page together” she handed Rob and Jess black credit cards, and the rest of us bunches of notes.

“Rob and I will go off and get our stuff, we want to get our stuff instead of stand there and spend two hours choosing what colour pencil looks better” he threw a glance at Milly,

“Fine, I guess we’ll see you guys at twelve for lunch” Jess looked like she wanted to get a move on.

“Are you going to browns’ first, I’ll go with you then” asked Milly

“Ok let’s go” Milly started walking but Jess stopped and looked at me.

“Do you want to come with us” Jess asked, sure they were fine now but in about half an hour they’ll start arguing, and we’d never get our stuff.

“Nah, its ok I’ll go look round by myself” I started walking in the opposite direction,

“Suit yourself” I heard Milly murmur. I looked at my list and it was pretty much ordinary so I decided to go into ‘Stacey’s stationers’. After a while of walking around browsing the books on the opposite shelf of where I was supposed to be, I went and picked up a few books to buy. For the rest of the hour I wondered around the shops buying everything on my list.

“Ruby” a familiar voice caught my attention


“Oh it’s you,” I breathed,

“So have you brought everything” Callum asked,

“Most things, you and Rob”,

“Yeah most, I wonder how Jess and Milly are getting on” he chuckled “I see they abandoned you”

“Callum, we still got to get some books, come on” Called Rob from behind.

“See you in a bit” I smiled,

“See you” smiled my youngest dimple-cheeked brother, Callum was the liveliest brother, he liked to have fun and tease the rest of us at any chance he could. He also found it the hardest to leave our old school as he was the only one who really made any decent friends, he had all the girls at school swarming around him, he didn’t really mind all the female attention he got; all of Jessie’s ‘friends’ had crushes on Rob but he ignored it and acted as if he didn’t really notice, knowing him he probably didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I had friends, but out of school, I don’t really have best friends but I guess Ashley and Adam are kind of my definition, I talk to Ashley on the phone often, she and Adam moved away around two years ago, Adam left a few months after her to another town but they’ve ended up in the same school somewhere; we all went gymnastics together since we were four, obviously I don’t go anymore, Milly does though, she’s flexible (in other words like elastic) , compared to me. Callum plays football, he used to play all the time, Rob can play too, well he used to, the boys and dad, but I don’t know what happened, boys and laziness I guess.

“Ruby” I heard a voice Called behind me

“What Callum . . .” I drifted off,

“Ruby it is you, oh it is” said the voice I was glad to get rid off after leaving school.

“Oh Marvin, what are you doing here” I asked surprised, Marvin was a boy in my trig class; he tried to talk to me at every chance he could get.

“I was about to ask you the same thing, well my aunt lives around here so me and Sara came here down here to get out of the house for a bit, you?”
“Oh, we moved down here after we left school” I replied

“Is any one with you or are you by yourself?” Marvin smiled, his too big glasses sitting crookedly on his nose.

“Yes Callum” I replied quickly, too quickly.

“Oh” his face fell; he and Callum hadn’t exactly seen eye to eye before, mostly due to Callum’s lively personality, Marvin was quite scared of him. “Well I guess I’ll be seeing you a lot his week anyway, maybe we could meet up or something,” I winced, “with Sara of course” he added quickly.

“Sure, I’ll get Callum to come too, I better get back to the . . . to him, bye”.

“see you” he replied; I knew it was mean of me to invite Callum with us when they didn’t get along but I really didn’t have time to go out with friends, ok him in particular so hopefully by inviting Callum, we won’t have to meet at all, if he knew I was with the others it would just make things worse, he would insist for him and his sister to see the others and then there’d be no way out. I looked at my watch and it was almost twelve, I started making my way back.

             Michelle was already at a table with Rob and Callum.

“Ruby dear, do you want to look through the menu, I’m sure the others will be here soon” she sighed as she glanced at her watch. I flicked through the menu before deciding to settle on a margarita pizza as the other vegetarian option of goats cheese didn’t appeal to me.

“Oh finally here they come” Callum said as he eyed them

“Mills do you not understand the meaning of being here on time” asked Callum

“Stop picking on me, it was Jess as well”

“Well I’m ordering”

“Go ahead; I already know what I’m having” Jess said as she sat down

A young boy who looked about seventeen came to serve us at our table

“Hello, I’m your waiter for today what can I get you” he said in a bored voice but instantly lit up when he saw Milly

“Coke” everyone but Michelle and I mumbled.        

“Can I have the penne with mushrooms please,” Michelle ordered, “bottled spring water please”

“Ham and pineapple pizza please”

“pepperoni pizza”

“Margarita please”

“And you young lady” the waiter threw a smile at Milly

“Um, just a house salad please” replied Milly as she played with her hair. “No tomatoes”
“coming right up” he informed,

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name” Milly threw him an angelic smile

Oh please” I heard Jess mumble under her voice

“Paul” he answered before dashing back to where ever he came from

“Stop being an idiot mills” whispered Callum

“Yeah, he’s like my age or older” Jess added

“So, gosh no harm in talking” replied Milly smugly

“Is that what you call it?” Callum muttered through his teeth.

“Cal, Calm down” ordered Milly, while everyone was so absorbed in Milly I turned to look at Michelle who didn’t seem to notice, she was on her blackberry, probably work. She caught me looking at her and immediately put it back in her bag,

“Oh sorry dear, I shouldn’t be using that at the table” her voice full of guilt. The others heard her speak, remembering that she was here and were immediately silent. Paul came back with the food deliberately giving Millie’s last.

“Salad with no tomato” he winked at Milly

“Thank you” she fluttered her eyes back at him “ouch” she turned red and threw a dirty look in Callum’s direction.

“Is everything all right honey” he asked. Callum’s nose flared at the last word.

“Yes, everything’s fine Paul” she immediately went back to flirt mode then he left.

“Why are you being such an idiot Cal, will you stop kicking me you’re being so childish” Milly barked at her brother.

“Grow up Milly and I’ll stop kicking you when you quit with it” whispered Callum furiously

“Quit with what Cal” Milly whispered back demandingly,

“you know exactly what” snapped Callum, Jess smirked and Rob just ate his food and sighed, I was barely listening to a word, Callum didn’t usually act like this, we all just ignored Millie’s behaviour but Callum seemed to get really wound up today, really overprotective.

“What’s going on with all this murmuring? Look foods’ getting cold, eat up” Michelle stated

“You ok Callum” I asked my little brother sympathetically

Oh, is he ok, stop feeling so sorry for him Rubs’ you don’t have act so. . .” Milly murmured childishly, mimicking my voice.

Leave it Milly” Rob cut in warningly. The twins had come up with a nick name for me as I was the only one whose full name never got changed so now I have the wonderful nickname of Rubs’, which is  kinda pronounced Roobs’ but luckily only the twins sometimes call me that. We ate our food in an awkward silence, Milly eating hers furiously attacking her plate, casting angry glances upwards, Michelle cut the silence.

“So did you all get everything?” she asked, everyone grumbled and nodded.

“Oh, ok well I left the second list because it’s mostly uniform” she smiled “does anyone want dessert?”

This time everyone shook their head. “Full up I guess then” she signalled her hand for the bill  “you lot go to the car while I take care of the bill” she handed Jess the keys. Jess’s face instantly lit up “sorry but you’re just opening the door, then I’m driving” Jessie’s face fell again. Michelle hardly ever let Jess or Rob drive, he could only drive in one of Michelle’s other cars when she wasn’t in it with him, he didn’t really seem to care but Jess did and only really got to drive with dad as mum didn’t really want anyone not even dad to drive her Aston martin after he broke one of the lights once.

“Fine” Jess grabbed the keys as Paul emerged from behind her

“I didn’t catch your name honey” he said to Milly

“Oh, Milly” she grinned back, in a sweet little girl voice

“So can I have your number, I’ll Call you if there are deals on the pizza” he flirted, leaning against the till counter. I heard Callum mumble something.

“Sure, I love pizza, here’s my number, call me tonight” she got out a piece of paper and a pen and started to scribble something down.

I was sure I heard Rob murmur “please Milly”, Milly lifted her hand to give Paul her number, but Callum immediately snatched it off Milly,

“She’s unavailable tonight or any other night as long as I’m aware” Callum snapped as he ripped the paper up furiously, Jess was standing behind Rob in hysterics; she was clearly enjoying the show.

“I’m sorry about him, he’s just my brother, apologize Cal” Milly ordered through gritted teeth, hissing at Callum.

“Over my dead body” Callum hissed and seized Millie’s arm as he practically dragged her out.

“get off me now Cal, NOW” she shrieked, Paul, trying to be the hero ran out the restaurant and forcefully tried to tear Callum’s arm away, but Callum resisted, pretty much without trying.

“Ok, stop this is getting too far now” Rob intervened, Jess was laughing so hard her pale face was flushed, she had to gasp for breath.

Stop it Jess” I nudged her lightly; she started to control her laughter.

“Ok, back off waiter boy” Jess started to get serious again. None of them where listening but Rob managed to get Paul off Callum and Callum off Milly.

“Come on Callum” Rob grabbed Callum’s arm but Callum shook it off.

“Leave Mills alone, kid” Paul teased, then suddenly Callum launched his fist at Paul’s face; I heard Milly and Jess gasp. Rob firmly took hold of Callum and led him to the car, Jess grabbed Milly too following behind rob and Callum. I trailed behind as usual, staring at the bloody broken nosed boy behind me. Teaches him a lesson not to mess with Cyans’.

“Get in the car now” rob ordered, he sounded kind of mad, I’d never really heard him like this before; he was usually well reserved and Callum.

Jess pushed Milly in the back and got into the drives seat. Rob was about to do the same to Callum when he turned to look at me

“Actually it might not be a good idea not to put them two together, Ruby you go in the middle” the madness in his voice had faded. I done what I was told silently, Callum was next to me in a second. I heard him grumble “he asked for it”.

In a minute, Rob was in the front passenger seat next to Jess. She started the engine as fast as she could, I thought I saw Rob open his mouth to protest but quickly closed it again. Jess drove around the parking lot to the entrance of the restaurant. Rob turned around and glared at the twins,

“You two, what the hell were you playing at” he hissed his eyes turning brown.

Jess pulled over. Michelle knocked on the front window and Jess put the window down

“Out” Michelle said sharply, Jess sighed and went around to the back seat behind me

“I just thought I should drive round so we could get to the uniform place quicker” Jess explained

Michelle opened her mouth but Rob stopped her “I told Jessica to go” Rob said defending his sister.

Michelle closed her mouth and she drove off to the uniform shop. It was silent again when we bought our uniform; we each picked our awfully bland uniform. Jess and Rob didn’t need to wear uniform, the schools policy was strictly uniform under sixteen, I had a year left. Milly wasn’t to happy with that, we got knee length skirts (which Milly would later roll), one black one grey, black jumpers, blue and black ties and black blazers, Callum got the same as us but black trousers instead. When Michelle had paid she left them in the shop asking for them to be sent to Cadvillar academy. We all had seemed curious but no one had questioned it.

“Why is everyone so miserable, I know something’s up kids” she looked at Rob, Milly and Callum’s      faces “what have you done now, you’ll be in bigger trouble if you don’t tell me now” Rob threw Milly and Callum each an accusing look. Jess muttered to herself “oh, you don’t know the half of it” as she briefly browsed through the rails of pleated skirts, which by the way, she had no interest in whatsoever.

Michelle sighed “why don’t you drive Jessica” Michelle offered as she threw the keys and slid into the passenger seat as quick as she could before Michelle changed her mind; Jess seemed to cheer up a bit after that.

“So Ruby you didn’t say, were you ok by yourself today?” Michelle asked casually

“She’s probably wishing she was still by herself now” Jess muttered so low that only Rob and I could hear. “Yes, I bumped into Marvin, he was with Sara” I figured out they’d all find out eventually so I decided to tell them now when they were all in a huff to talk, which was normally very unlikely.

“Really, is that the one who liked you?” Michelle asked interested. I felt my face going red. Milly smirked, “oops” she whispered. I threw her a look; “no” I got through my throat.

“I’m sure it was, Marvin, the one with glasses right, very bright boy, offered to tutor you with your maths” Michelle questioned.

“No mum” I only ever really used mum when I desperately needed something or desperately tried to hide something. “He was just a boy in my trig class” Michelle wondered if to believe me or not, I hardly spoke compared to the others like Milly or Callum so it was hard to tell when I was lying or not, except for those who knew me well which weren’t a lot of people, I was pretty rubbish at lying.

“Oh, the stupid one who thought he was cool because he got like one point more than me for some rock project in science” mumbled Callum.

“No, no I’m sure he was clever” Michelle disagreed. Callum and Jess sighed.

“Forget it” Callum mumbled again.

“Why did you tell Michelle Milly?”I whispered.

“Oh sorry, it just kinda slipped out” she said though she didn’t look very sorry at all.

By the time we got to the drive it was pouring with rain.                                    

“Should I park the car in the garage” asked Jess

“Leave it, it’s already wet now and your dad cleaned the garage” Michelle got out the car and opened the front door. The rest of us followed in, it was already five.

“Keys Jessica” asked Michelle holding her hand out to Jess.

“Catch” Jess threw her the keys

“You may want to start getting ready we’re leaving at five in the morning, pack your pyjamas”

We all looked at her in confusion.

“What?” Jess spluttered

“Ah, you don’t know” Michelle said in shock

“Know what?” Milly muttered

“Charlie never told you”

“What, what is she talking about?” Milly asked frustrated

“We’re just as clueless as you are” Rob told Milly

“Look kids, your sleeping there that’s all, I thought you knew”

Knew, how could we know when no one told us, I mean you didn’t think to mention this to us, a little bit before the BLOODY NIGHT WE’RE LEAVING” Jess hissed before breaking out into a menacing rage.

Calm down Jessica, I thought Max told you, I thought it was obvious, I’m sorry dear, did you really expect me to drop you two hours away and pick you up, your coming home on the weekends to start with”

“CALM DOWN, HOW CAN I CALM DOWN? I could have driven my own car IF I BLOODY WELL HAD ONE” shouted Jess, her pupils’ quickly spreading red.

“Don’t get into this conversation now, control yourself Jessica” ordered Michelle.
“well, you know it’s true, you can’t do this, first you moved us here which was bad enough, now you’re banishing us off to some stupid school, and to make it better you TELL US WE’RE LIVING THERE THE FREAKING DAY BEFORE WE GO” Jess shouted before yelling this time.

“Don’t raise your voice at me young lady, go to your room and I’ll call you down when your siblings aren’t here” Michelle said firmly.

You just don’t want them to hear the truth” hissed through gritted teeth before stomping off up the stairs and slamming her door shut.

“Why didn’t you tell us mum?”Rob asked, his expression ruthless, he didn’t look at all surprised. He doesn’t tend to, what with all the surprises we’ve had.

“Robert” Michelle whispered, she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

 Then he followed Jessie’s path and went up the stairs. Callum, already in a huff with everyone went to turn the TV on in the sitting room, probably not wanting to be in a room with Rob. Milly went sobbing off into the downstairs bathroom, now she was officially mad at everyone. Then Michelle wet into her office weeping. I went upstairs to my room and unpacked my new belongings, I didn’t use my eyes this time as I wanted to keep myself occupied, I finished shortly after, I couldn’t believe Michelle was making us stay at a place we barely knew, I suspect that she kept it this long as she knew this would happen and telling us now would be too late to change anything. I was too exhausted with all of today’s events to be really angry with anyone and I guess the others had it harder than I did, mostly due to the fact that I learned to keep my mouth shut around my siblings a long time ago. My phone bleeped,  I opened the text message back from Ashley, hey! what really, didn’t you just move house? Oh ok well good luck at your new school, miss you Ashley xx

I browsed through my bookshelf scanning for a book to read, I’d already finished four in the past two weeks so I knew I’d be running out soon. I decided I couldn’t be bothered to read what with everything on my mind so I quietly went downstairs into the kitchen to get an apple, I heard Milly sobbing so I knocked on the bathroom door, I heard her sniff before she slowly unlocked the door.

“Hey Mills” I said in a low voice, she didn’t say anything but wiped her nose with her sleeve, there was mascara running from her eyes. I slid down to sit next to her against the bathroom wall.

“Sorry” I said wrapping an arm around her.

She sniffed “why are you sorry? I should be sorry, sorry I was mean to you earlier on, Callum’s mad at me and Rob probably hates me like Jessie now, they all think I’m a stupid immature kid” she burst out crying again.

“It’s ok Milly I don’t hate you, I’m sure they don’t either” I comforted her.

“Well you should, your too nice and now Michelle’s sending us off to boarding school and its all my fault, and now Jessie and mum are arguing” she clung on to my neck.

“Mums not sending us to boarding school because of you, it’s not your fault Milly” I said hugging my little sister back

“Don’t worry” I whispered as I reached for a brush on the counter and pulled it through her messy strawberry blonde hair. I handed her a tissue.

“I’ll go clear myself up and apologize to Robbie then”.

              After a few minutes she went back to her room. I saw Callum through the glass wall by the stairs furiously pressing the numbers on the remote control, his eyebrows furrowed; muttering under his breath, seems like not everyone calmed down. I thought it was best not to disturb Jess so I went to Rob and Callum’s room and knocked on the door patiently. Rob opened seconds later.

“Oh, hi Ruby” he sighed trying to pull a smile, he looked tired.

“You ok?” I asked

“Yes, how are the others?”

I frowned “Milly was in tears but she’s calmed down now, Callum’s still on fire, mums still locked in her office and I haven’t even seen Jess yet” I answered

“Doesn’t sound too good, considering we’re going tomorrow, I don’t think anyone’s packed so I done Callum’s”

“I guess I’ll have to do Millie’s”

“You don’t have to, she’s not a little girl Ruby she can take care of herself, she needs to start growing up” Rob lectured coldly

“She said you thought she was an immature kid, really she’s not. You and Callum need to give her a chance”

“She said that? Rob sighed “well she’s needs to stop acting like one then, did you see her today Ruby?”

“It wasn’t just her Rob, Callum and Jess didn’t make it any better”
“I’m not saying that it was just her Ruby, she could have stopped provoking Callum ,she knew perfectly well what she was doing, I know it was as much his fault as it was hers” he said in a serious voice

“Well she’s really wound up over it”

“Ruby stop sticking up for her she’s a stupid obnoxious little vain brat that only cares about herself” he said in a frustrated voice,

“Rob that’s not fair” I whispered shocked at my brother; he never spoke his mind often. I turned and to my surprised horror I saw Milly standing by the door staring at Rob, her face full of the pain that had just been flung at her. She stood there silent and just as shocked I was.

“Oh Milly, I didn’t mean that” Rob pleaded, his voice suddenly full of remorse, and I knew he immediately wished he could take that back. He took a step towards her but she swung around and ran into her room. I swear I heard her say ‘too late’.

            I lied on my bed in my pyjamas; I had just taken a shower and fed Casper and Posie, Casper was now sprawled over my stomach, Posie was Jessie’s white cat who by the looks of it had not been fed in a long time. I reached over for my phone and checked my inbox, one new message, from, I should have guessed, Marvin. What the hell did he want I thought, the message read, hi, Sara said she was sure she saw your brother in the car park today beat up a waiter from that Italian place, anyway do u wanna meet up 2morrow on a date? Bye hope u do, luv Marvin xxx. Well it’s a good thing I didn’t have to lie about not being free tomorrow night,  Sara had a thing for Callum and when he rejected her, it didn’t go down to well with the Sampson’s. Too bad I thought. I text Marvin back saying I couldn’t make it, maybe some other time. I quickly texted Ashley, hey, guess what I’m moving schools, well all of us! -R- .I heard scratching on my window and went to open it, I took Rocky out from the cold and put him next to Posie and Casper, Rocky was our family cat, he was a tabby and was grey tiger patterned. I heard shouting downstairs so I opened my door and looked down the banister into the hallway.

         “I don’t give a damn” I heard someone shout,

“You know why I’m doing this, this isn’t . . .” I drowned out the shouting voices

I sat on the stair case thinking about what school would be like; I was trying to avoid the environment around me, the people shouting downstairs, the girl distraughtly sobbing in the bathroom, the livid boy in the lounge, let’s just say it wasn’t a very nice place to be in at the moment, and I just made it worst. My ears drew me to the sound downstairs,

“IF THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO WHY DON’T YOU GO AND TELL THEM EXACTLY WHY THIS IS HAPPENING HUH, TELL THEM WHY WE HAVE THIS ON OUR NECK, WHY WE’RE CYAN” she violently lifted her hair up revealing the mark on the back of her neck” TELL THEM THEN” Jess yelled. Unexpectedly, Michelle’s hand went up around Jesses face.

Both of them looked as shocked as each other. Michelle put her hands on her face and gasped.

“I’m so sorry Jessica, I didn’t mean to. . .” she stepped towards Jess

“Get away from me” Jess mumbled solemnly her lips trembling, her face red and eyes watery. I’ve never seen Jess like this before.

Jessica” Michelle whispered her voice full of regret. But Jess ran upstairs past me into her room slamming the door shut behind her. She didn’t even notice me. Michelle’s gaze followed Jess until she caught sight of me frozen in utter shock.

“Oh, Ruby, Ruby you shouldn’t have seen that” she whispered. I sat there until my feet stood up and carried me to my room speechless.

I couldn’t get my head round what had happened, Michelle had never hit us, ever. That must have been some really big secret that Jess was talking about. I knew we had the sign on our necks, we had a weird matching symbol, it could have been any language or design but it was etched into our skin like a scar, all of us had it, some of mum and dad’s family had it, some didn’t, all the Cyan’s had it. Everyone born with the gift, curse whatever you want to call it had the sign were Cyan’s because when we’re born, are eyes are cyan and apparently when we die they go back to cyan too. I don’t know, I’ve never seen anyone die. That second someone came in to my room, I looked up, it was Callum, I should of known, he was the only one who hadn’t heard of personal space or privacy, he never knocked, he just came in and out as he pleased despite prior warnings. I was still too gobsmacked to speak.

“What just happened?” he asked impatiently,

“Michelle . . . hit Jess” I whispered, still keeping my eyes on the floor

He hesitated for a minute; taking in the shocking information “do you know why?” I shook my head

“Who’s been in the bathroom for that long? And why is Rob sitting on the bed with his hands on his head looking depressed” he asked, his eyes looking past the door.

“Rob said something he shouldn’t have about Milly, Milly overheard and she was coming up to apologize to Rob” I muttered

“Oh, I see I’ll try and get Milly out” he said heading towards the door.

“She won’t, Rob tried”, he went out anyway; I listened to his attempt to get her out.

“Milly, I need to use the bathroom now” Callum said as he knocked on the door, I stood up and went to lean against the door frame with my arms crossed, the door slowly creaked open and Milly emerged from the door, she looked as pale as a ghost, her skin looked ice cold, her lips once pink had lost all its colour and had turned a slight shade of purple, her eyes gave away her emotions, they where coal black, never once looking up to meet any of our gazes; she silently drifted downstairs. Callum’s eyes met mine; we looked at each other in sudden unease.

The End

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