Let your true self outMature

Rayvin always manages to have a boyfriend or two handy. It has nothing to do with good looks or money, because Rayvin has neither. She manages to stay on top by being a cruel, demon-like person that nobody knows what happened to make her this way. She isn't like a girl in any way, making the guys fear and respect her. She's also flirtatious. Can anyone stop her?
This is written in the point of view of your character. I am Rayvin, by the way. You can create your character to be however you like

 "Sorry, I feel as if we're not a match and, honestly, you're starting to bore me. Maybe if you were a little tougher. Until you can challenge me in a no-weapons fight, go train yourself. Then maybe you'll be a better man for me. See you, Loser."

And with those brilliant and encouraging words, I broke up with my fifth boyfriend this month. I left him when he accused me of cheating on him. Sure, I gave some dude a kiss in front of him, but it was my brother. I'm sorry that he feels insecure enough that he'd do that. I don't feel pity if he doesn't trust me or if he believes the rumors that I'm a slut that will even do animals. I may be weak to a cute face, but my brother is too much of a player to deserve me.

And so, I'm on my way to go find my next boyfriend. I'm going to make sure he's stronger than me this time, physically and emotionally. Which will be tough, seeing as I've been through plenty heartaches and have trained my body since I was eight. I'll find my love somewhere, just not at where I am now. Might as well go to college tomorrow; the boys will certainly entertain me as they're little priestess that will wear short skirts and low-cut shirts. Cosplaying in the afternoon clubs is always a blast, too. Especially when someone gets 'creative' and we're LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) right there. Yes, I'm a nerd that likes doing that. But I do it in such a way that no one can resist it nd I am accepted back into the society of being strong and cruel.

The End

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