Let Your Light Shine

So this is based on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It's pretty awesome and I've been way into it lately so this felt nice to write. (I'm only through the 3 book almost so don't spoil anything! lalalalala *covers ears*)

Other than that well perhaps I'll continue on here, but be my guest if there are any WoT fans!

“Light, but it felt good!”

I caught my tongue too late. Rena Sedai gave me the harshest glare her slender, ageless face could muster. There was no use but to murmur an apology and fall silent again. She was more lenient and friendlier with the Novices than most Sedai, but still demanded strict obedience from her pupils.

I glanced over at the two other girls on my left, both wearing similar white robes to my own. Jaine’s soft blue eyes were alive with fire, she must have felt it too, but Tamara sat on the soft summer’s grass of the Ogier grove tugging a strand of auburn hair in frustration. Besides the three women, the only other person in sight was a tall fierce looking man with a long leather bound scabbard dangling off his left hip and grey green cloak hanging over his broad shoulders. He was handsome in a way, his high cheek bones and firm set jaw made him look... Light, he’s old enough to be my father.

Rena was speaking again. “…important that you focus on everything I say, Maylene?”

“Yes Rena Sedai, of course. Everything you say.” Lucky I stopped daydreaming.

She nodded unconvinced but her level tone made it hard to distinguish any emotion. “We will practice the routine once more. And Tamara, remember to remain calm. Now close your eyes.”

Her voice had softened with those last words and my eyes gently slipped shut. There was a long pause and I could feel the warm breeze ruffling my dark hair just as it did the leaves of the towering oaks surrounding us. The silence grew near unbearable. I knew it was there. I could feel it resonating since the last time, on the edge of my consciousness. Patience, but it’s so closeTamara must be—Rena’s tranquil voice clipped my thoughts.

“Picture… a garden, with a small pond and near it, on the bank, a flower bed. All the flowers have blossomed into bright blues and reds and yellows, other colors too. All the flowers save one in the midst of them. You are this flower. The midday sun beams ever so warmly upon you. Feel the warmth. Warmth on your stem, your leaves, your bud.” She paused a moment but I scarcely noticed. 

I could feel Saidar surround me, the female half of the One Power. Light, I can feel it again. So warm, begging, yearning for my touch. Pleading! I must—

“Let that warmth encircle you. Slowly… Slowly, feel the warmth peel back your petals. Embrace it and blossom.” Rena’s strong soothing words were calmly edging me on and I listened and I…


 Saidar filled me like a river bursting wide a swollen dam. Every pore, every vein was drawing more of the Power. Much more, I realized, than that brief instance before and this time it did not stop. It would not stop. I would not let it stop. Not when it felt so good. And I desperately wanted more.

More!? Light no! It burns like ice, tingling and painful. I hate it! Don’t let it stop.

Rena was shouting and her Warder, that tall handsome man, was rushing to join her by my side, but I did not notice. I did not care. All I wanted was the Power. I wanted to drown in Saider. It felt so good. It felt like my flesh was being carved away inch by inch. And I screamed.

I screamed with joy, with rage, with lust. I screamed because there was nothing else I could do. Saidar had consumed me and I was complete. I was lost.

The End

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