Editable Cake

A tower of virtual confection, the cake waited in the kitchen for its moment of glory. Edie’s grandmother meticulously fussed with the strings of code to get it just right. She would settle for nothing less than perfect on her granddaughter’s sixth birthday.

Six towers rose in majestic spires, one for each corner and one in the center. Edie’s grandmother, tweaked the center tower just a bit more. A string of code there, to make it a little taller. A string of code here to make it a little wider. A sprinkling of code over the top to glaze it with a dusting of powder white snow.

Squeals echoed through the corridor. Herded by poufs of magical sparkles, the twelve girls stampeded into the dining room. Edie in the lead entered first, quickly sitting upon her thrown. Her Cinderella gown undulated between blue and pink in a Disney cliché. A chant of cake was taken up as the girls clanged their knives and forks together.

Edie’s grandmother smiled. She twisted the last bit of code into place. The lights were dimmed and the girls fell silent. Edie’s grandmother gently set the glowing cake in motion. Breaths were held as the kitchen door slowly opened to reveal the masterpiece.

Edie’s hands clapped together in delight as the crowd sighed. The confectionary castle slowly floated in to take its place center stage. Adults began to sing happy birthday, and were soon joined by the girls. With the last note Edie filler her lungs with air and blew.

The code shivered and shook and then each one of the lights in the windows winked out. Cheers and claps were quickly replaced with demands for pieces. Edie’s grandmother carefully cut the cake and placed them on plates.

As different hands took them the pieces morphed to match the tastes of the holder. Here a vanilla cupcake, there a strawberry cheese cake, but Edie; Edie liked the cake as it was, Vanilla cream icing, chocolate filling, and Cinderella dancing all inside her mouth.

Grandma’s cakes were always good. Code and all.

The End

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