Reasons (cont.)

Emer’s journey back to the palace seem to take longer than usual, the path seemed to wind more, the trees leaned in towards him as if they felt his pain. He looked around the Amber Isle, through the haze of tears he realised he no longer loved this land. He no longer wanted to protect and nurture it. For this land he had sacrificed his only child, his beautiful daughter of 17 summers. “Will we win this war?” He asked the trees and the birds, “Will we beat this darkness that sits at the edge of our lands?”

All was quiet upon his return to the palace. The servants huddled in the courtyard, speaking to each other in hushed tones. He saw the question upon all their faces, were they saved? Emer could not answer their question; he had received no signs from the Great God. The birds refused to sing in a language he could understand. It was with a heavy heart he walked past the servants, refusing to meet their eyes. How could he possibly look them in the eye, knowing that there was almost no hope left? That the Gods had abandoned the Four Isles? 

The End

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