Anya's eyes widened in surprise as she felt the cold steel of the blade against her throat, she had known that one of the paths would lead to this, but to have her own father perform the rite? This was pure evil. She had prepared herself for death, but not at the hand of her father. Emer watched his daughter's eyes close, the blood spilling from the wound in her throat. He knew he had cut deep, he had been a hunter for years. He knew she had felt no pain, and yet his heart ached. He hated the Elder's for what they were making him do, but The God would be appeased, The God would have mercy upon his people. Emer knew he had a duty to his people, he knew that sacrifice was necessary. By offering one life, he would save thousands. Perhaps their prayers would finally be heard. A pure soul had been offered. The aged seer placed a gnarled hand upon Emer's shoulder, he sensed his pain, "It is for the good of our people, my lord. With this action you may have saved thousands, the shadows may recede." he croaked. Emer shook off the seer's hand with unaccustomed roughness, "Leave me to my pain, old man." He whispered gruffly, trying to keep the threatening tears at bay. Emer laid down the dagger and exited the old cave. He had to be alone. He had to grieve. As was their custom, he would allow thirteen hours for Anya's soul to make the journey to The Dice God's realm, then he would return to bury her.

The End

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