Let The Dice Decide...

A short story

Anya looked on with a mixture of fear and excitement, the elders were casting the die. Her fate would soon be decided by those beautiful ivory cubes. She knew that soon she would have to leave, but which path would she take?
Emer laid a hand upon his daughter's shoulder, he could feel her anxiety and her excitement. He prayed the Great Dice God would favour his only child. 
There was a reverent hush as the die rattled against the amber altar. "It is time, Anya, for you to meet the Great Dice God," croaked one of the aging seers, "May he have mercy on you and allow you to dine at his table."
With tears in his eyes, Emer led Anya to the sacrificial altar. He unsheathed the Holy Dagger, "Forgive me, daughter." He whispered as he slid the blade along her throat.

The End

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