The beginning

My battle with depression that has come back after 5 years.

    Does anybody remember that person they meet who always seemed to be on your mind? No matter what? I longed to feel that feeling of being in love. That feeling of wanting to do anything for that person. That feeling of, no matter how far they are, you still smile because they are yours. I have met that person. It was the best feeling. When she was in my bed curled up into me...then we kissed. That emotional rush. The feeling of not wanting that night to end because, well, your problems were gone. I started dating her this summer and every time I saw her, it was like I fell for her all over again. She talked to me when I was upset. She made me laugh all the time. I began to get to know her more and I finally felt like I struck the jack pot. I finally felt like I knew what it meant to be in love. Yet, it was only a couple weeks ago when I felt my life come down on me. "I'm still not over him.."

The End

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