"let me tell you a story", says someone, anywhere

I'm only trying to be cute.

Imagine if two people were in love and didn’t even know it. And they lived their whole lives like that, in love and not knowing it. Imagine they were selfless and kind and the sort of lonely that lets you reach out to anybody and mean it, and when they got old their eyes were crinkly from smiling, and their hearts were the kind of empty that makes room for another. Imagine, when the time came, all the people they’d ever touched gathered around a hospital bed like messages in a bottle, and their last breaths were contented sighs because nothing had ever been missing, not really. Their funerals were on the same day and they lay next to each other for the first time. Imagine one day the earth between them whittled away and their bones touched and they felt it in heaven, and they felt it because they were always the same bones after all.

Underground all the skeletons kiss and they feel very happy to have lived.

The End

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