Let me speak my mind!Mature

A person who is facing punishment for something he didn't do is being questioned.

 I sit here. Sitting here is something I thought would never happen. The government and my family are shocked. I was placed under false charges of stealing from an FBI agent. WHAT THE HELL! I didn't even do it. So in this land of androids and all I'm sure I'll never get out. So I might as well just speak out my mind in this corrupted land.

 An FBI agent walks in. "So why did you do it?", he asks. "Look I didn't do it, but never mind you won't listen to me anyway.", I replied. " What's that suppose to mean?", he asked. "Look it means whatever I day won't mean a darn thing to you! People like you never look at the details, never look at a persons history, and never look at the person he is!", I answered him. " Are you calling us corrupted men?", he asked assuming I would shut my mouth. " You damn right I'm calling you corrupted men! All the wars are over and we lost so many. We fought some wars that didn't make sense. Just so we have an excuse just to go to war. We fought ourselves and for what? To have peace, to have our dignity taken away from us? Well in this time I am being accused for stealing something I never did!", I said. "You did do it and guess what for shouting that out your going to jail!", he stated. " Well before I go to jail let me speak my mind and you better be recording this! First, when you realize all you've done I'll be saying I told you so. Your corruption is poisonous it's like cancer that never goes away. So when a nation that came from truthful and honest nation. To a corrupt and unfair nation remember this country. The country of Light!", I yelled. I  was taken to prison and silenced.

The End

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