let me go?Mature

Without my blade I feel lost…I have no control

When I don’t throw up I feel powerless…I have no control

Not seeing the blood I’m terrified …I have no control

A full stomach is touchier…I have no control

The thought of getting “better” is unrealistic…I have no control

The vision of perfection is my story to be told…I have no control

 So, Why don’t they just let me go?

 Not knowing of tomorrow is a nightmare come true…I’m loosing myself

The images of the past are scars renewed…I’m loosing myself

Wanting, wishing, waiting…I’m loosing myself

The feeling of happiness is in itself a disease…I’m loosing myself

Day dawns so does the pain… I’m loosing myself

Night nears so does the fear…I’m loosing myself

 So, why don’t I just let go?

 Something tugging at my heart…there’s still hope

Giving me the strength to carry on…there’s still hope

A feeling of security I feel it in my soul…there’s still hope

A small voice calling to me…there’s still hope

Telling me it will be okay…there’s still hope

My savior beckons me, holds my hand and, truly loves me…there’s still hope

 So, that’s why I can’t let go.

The End

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