Let Me Be Your Swear WordMature

Cayde has never met his best friend Caleb's brother. All he knows is that he's been away at art school in New York for a few years. When Frankie, Caleb's brother, comes home to visit Cayde finds himself fascinated with Frankie. Before long he begins to admit that he's questioning his sexuality.

The very last thing in the world that I wanted to do right now was get out of bed. The last thing I wanted to do after that was go to school. Yes, I was finally a senior and I only had three quarters of the year left to go, but it still seemed endless. However, if I chose not to go, my mom would have a fit and tell my dad, and then my dad would have a bigger fit and I’d end up having to go live somewhere else for a few days again. Just like last time. Not that living with Caleb was upsetting. He was my best friend and living in the same house as him was awesome. I wasn’t in the mood for fighting with my parents, though. So I forced myself up and out of bed.

After getting dressed and brushing my teeth I grabbed my bag filled with untouched homework and headed downstairs.

“Morning, Cayde,” my mom greeted me happily. I yawned and waved in response, sitting down at the table and waiting for my breakfast. She placed a plate of pancakes in front of me along with maple syrup and orange juice. I was about to take a bite when I put my fork down and groaned.

“I’m not even hungry. I feel nauseous.” My mom looked at me worriedly.

“You okay, sweetheart?”


“What’s wrong? What doesn’t feel good?”

“My life. Can I go back to bed? I don’t feel like going to school.”

“Cayde, eat your breakfast and get your butt out that door. You’re not staying home unless you’re throwing up.” I sighed and proceeded to stick my fingers down my throat. “Frank! Stop messing around and eat your breakfast!” I dropped my head to the table and it hit with a thud. “Fine. Don’t eat. But don’t complain to me when you’re starving at school.”

“You won’t be there to complain to,” I mumbled without picking my head up. What was the point in going to school? I didn’t learn anything interesting. Plus, all my friends sucked. Besides Caleb, of course. They all thought they were hot shit and walked around with poles up their asses all day. I sighed heavily and picked my head up. “Bye,” I muttered as I stood up and headed outside to the car. She yelled something unintelligible and I ignored it. My phone rang as I opened the door to the car and I pulled it out of my hoodie pocket, feeling annoyed that anyone would call me right now. When I saw it said Caleb, however, my stomach settled slightly and I answered.


”Hm…you’re in a good mood.”

“Sorry, what’s up, Caleb?”

”Can you give me a lift to school? My brother came home to visit and needs to use the car so I don’t have one.”

“You’re brother came home?”

”Yeah…so can you?”

“Uh…sure. Be there in a minute.” I hung up and stuffed my phone back in my pocket. I had never met Caleb’s brother. I knew his name was Frankie, and that he was twenty-one and attended Art School in New York. Other than that, I knew nothing. He was a complete stranger to me. I wondered why Caleb hadn’t told me he was coming in.

When I pulled into his driveway I saw him talking to someone on the front steps. I assumed it was his brother. He was shorter than Caleb and not nearly as lanky. He was dressed in black skinny jeans, an Ataxia shirt, and a black denim jacket. He had black hair that hung down to his shoulders. I couldn’t see his face clearly, but I didn’t need to. His personality was clear from the way he dressed. He had obviously been a loser kid in high school. Not that I looked much better, but at least I had friends. You could just tell this kid hadn’t had friends. When Caleb noticed me he waved and dragged his brother over towards the car. I sighed and stepped out to be polite. I owed it to Caleb. Even if I didn’t feel like meeting his loser brother.

“Hey, Cayde,” he smiled. “This is my brother, Frankie. Frankie, this is my best friend, Cayde.” I smiled politely at Frankie and nodded.

“Hey,” he said enthusiastically, taking my hand and shaking it. I noticed his voice sounded musical somehow. It was like he was singing when he was talking. I had only heard one word though, so maybe it was a one-time deal. “Caleb told me a lot about you this morning,” he laughed. Okay, it wasn’t a one-time thing. Even his laugh was like music. Weird.

“See you later, Frankie,” Caleb said, and proceeded to climb into the passenger seat of my car. I waved awkwardly to him before getting into the car as well. It may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn he smirked at me.

The End

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