Let me be me

undescribable, I needed to vent so these are my feelings...

Why do they think they can control my life?!

I'm 14 for goodness sake!

They tell me what to do, how to dress.....

It's not me!

Why the hell do you think I'm in need of more friends?!

I'm perfectly fine with my close friends! I dont need a group of strangers crowding round me and giggling! I'd rather be alone!

Just because I stay at home after school doesn't make me a "lost cause"

Why dont you use your eyes and see that I dont need it,  all I want to do is be set free!

Stop repressing my emotions!

Stop telling me how to be me!

I  already know who I am!

I am Eleanor Francess Gisle Tobin

I am 14 years old and I am one of a kind

I am me!

The End

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