The Big Day

Maisy Green is just staring year 11 and is decovering quickly that the world she thought she knew is not exactly what she had originally thought. for the first time she is seeing the world around her under new light and its not all it has cracked out to be. with the weight of school commitments and exams Maisy is decovering herself in a way that she never thought possible. will she be able to handle the immence weight of her new life, or will she crumble under the pressure. I guess there is only



As she stood there, staring down upon the pages and pages of endless beauty, the way the words spoke to her like nobody ever had, it was right then and there that she realised, all she wanted to do was write.

But of course our story begins about a two years prior to this moment, the time when the school year had just begun, and the young and hopeful were beginning to pour once more through the front gates of that slowly crumbling schoolyard. The very foundations promised that they would provide solid ground for one to step ever so closely toward their futures and to dream as if they were going to live forever.

For every student that was entering into their first senior year, and their second last year of schooling, it was the beginning of the rest of their lives. Everything was going to change that year, everything as they had once known it would be seen through different light, from different angles, questioning everything they had once known as second nature. I would know, I am one of those young and hopeful students, one that had just begun the real world and was now discovering my own paths and my own dreams rather than conforming to the wishes and wills of those that surround you. It is inevitable, when you are younger you believe that it is all up to you. You dream about all these incredible jobs and futures, your own vision of who you wanted to be. But in reality, it was never really your own. That view was a product off the environment around you, all the influences from news and TV shows and the adult world, these all played a part in your fantasy to become someone remarkable, someone unforgettable. But in reality, when it came to choosing your future, you hadn’t the faintest idea of what to do, even if you think you did.


The End

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