Chapter Two: A Furry Friend

"Firs' years over here!" a loud voice boomed over the loud scurry of students hurrying to the carriages.

"Come on lets go." Malfoy appeared right next to Kamryn, took her hand, and led her toward what now looked liked a furry glob.

Scorpious tapped it once and the glob turned around so he could see them.

Kamryn gasped. It was a giant!!!

She looked toward Malfoy to see how he was handling it. His face was calm and composed, unlike hers. She tried to straighten hers into a mask like his.

"Hull' there are you two firs' years?" he asked in his loud voice.

"Yes, sir." Scorpious said politer then Kamryn could have managed toward an animal, much less a giant.

He led them toward a boat that had already dozens of first years on them. They were waiting for Hagrid, the furry glob,  to tell them where to row.

Kamryn and Scorpious got into the second to last one left. Neither of them wanted to sit with Hagrid. The boat could tip over.

Hagrid pointed toward the castle and they began rowing.

The End

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