Chapter One: Meeting Malfoy

Kamryn looks through the window at the other wizard parents who were waving to their children, eyes wide with pride.

She slouched, for she had no parents. All she had was a nut of a muggle orphanage worker, who had no idea wizards even existed.

The door opened and a pale first year boy came in, at this movement Kamryn turned her head in his direction.

"Hullo, I'm Scorpious. Scorpious Malfoy." the boy held out his hand and Kamryn shook it.

"Hi, I'm Kamryn Patron. I'm an orphan." Kamryn blushed, afraid she had said too much.

Malfoy didn't even notice. Instead he asked a question, "You look like . . . . Never mind you can't be."

"What can't I be?" Kamryn said eyes full of curiousity.

"A daughter of Bellatrix LeStrange."

Scorpious looked at her black curly hair.

"Who's that?"

"You don't know who Bellatrix LeStrange is?"

She paused and thought then replied, "No."

"She's only the most respected follower of Lord Voldemort, who is now dead. While Bellatrix has to spend the rest of her days in Azkaban Prison."

"What's Az-ka-ban?"

"A prison for wizards."

"And you think I'm her daughter?"

"Well, you look a lot like her."

"Do you really think I am Malfoy?"

"No not anymore, how could you be?Anyways your way nicer than Bellatrix."


But what if she was? What if she would become a dark wizard? She didn't want to at all.

They waited in silence for the rest of the journey to Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Kamryn's new home.


The End

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