LeStrange World

Kamryn Ellie Patron is an orphan and is starting her first year at hogwarts. At ten years old Kamryn was able to turn a beetle into a watch in a matter of seconds. She goes to hogwarts and gets put in Slytherin. Where she find a boy by the name of Scorpious Malfoy. They develope a friendship, but Kamryn wants more than that. Later on Kamryn find that she will become a dark wizard, and that her mother was a follower of Lord Voldemort's. Kamryn's a daughter of Bellatrix LeStrange.

LeStrange World


This is the story of one of the daughters of Bellatrix LeStrange,

Kamryn Patron


 By: No other then HarryPotter (.lover)



"Kamryn! You have a letter in the mail!" Miss. Pumpkin (who by the way really did look like a pumpkin) called from downstairs.

Kamryn hurried down the stairs, not pausing to look at the astonished faces looking out of their doorways. She rarely got letters in the mail. The orphanage rarely got letters for their children.

She snagged the letter from (The Pumpkin) the orphage worker and went to her room she shared as quick as a whip.

Kamryn began tearing open her letter, then realized there were others in the room.

She wove her hand and they went out.

Kamryn began tearing yet again. She got to the card and opened it. It said

Dear Miss Kamryn Ellie Patron,

                              You have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When there you will study spells and potions, that will all prepare you for becoming a witch. I included a piece of parchment which will tell you what you need to start your first year at Hogwarts. I have been told you live at an orphage only a block away from King's Cross Station, walk there, and go through the barrier between 9 and 10. Board the train.

See you at the feast on September 1st.

Yours Sincerly,

Jeanette Falcon

(Deputy Headmistress)

Kamryn was wizard. That explained the floating shoes, the cars, everything. She knew why she was so different than everyone else in the orphanage. She was a wizard.



The End

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