Vulf-Mental Wound

Tree branches parted before the lone figure who trudged through the darkness.  No clothes, unarmed, and little remaining of his dying torch.  Thankfully morning had arrived, although it was dim as the pine trees filtered what little sun there was.
  Vulf felt the top of his of his head.  The hair had grown back. In two hours his hair had grown longer than it ever had in his lifetime.  A large number of Gaen's contracted a disease that resulted in no hair growth on one side of the head, but even where there shouldn't have been, black stumbles had popped up.
  Accelerated healing wasn't new.  Ever since the visions had started, cuts went away with a single night of rest.  Sickness never stayed more than a week.
  Don't ruin my day!
  Vulf bolted at the sudden voice.  He eyed the grounds around him, wondering if maybe it had just been another of his hallucinations.  It was so hard to tell anymore.
  But the hair on his arms stood upright.
  I'm not afraid.  And the only other time it would do this-
  There was another warped somewhere in this forsaken forest.  He was hearing him.  That was new, it never did that before.  The hair had happened once in the past, and that had resulted in the first person he ever murdered.
  This was a sign if there ever was one.  The experiment, the one that had been mentioned in every back alley that Vulf had stumbled into.  Venrich Guard had found something so taboo, that they hid it deep within the woodland.  This secret was a way to make a warped even closer to the Forlorn.
  Vulfs visions had been getting more frequent.  No other warped he had met was having these things.  Not even the twisted experienced these effects, though it took a long time to find one sane enough to convey this fact.
  Was he a byproduct?  Maybe even a failure?  He needed to know what had happened to him.  Did they do something to him?  Twelve years, and not so much as a cup levitating, why did these powers begin to appear?
  They would answer him, or understand his wrath.  It mattered little which.
  Thankfully it seemed those answers were approaching.
  It was a blunt sound.  Like stone striking a bed of wet leaves.  It was loud enough to draw Vulf's attention.
  One look reminded him that it was alive, and looking at him.  Vulf stared back for a moment before the thing stood like a man.
  It was shorter than him, though Gaens generally were a couple feet taller than any other species.  Especially humans, which this one seemed to be.  Covered in blood also.  Promising.
  "This has been a fun day."  The man said, suddenly chuckling.
  His deranged grin could have reached ear to ear.  And that murderous look in his eyes.  This was a warped undoubtedly.
  Vulf's jaw snapped open, and a monster-like growl crossed out.  The man seemed to accept this as a challenge; suddenly lunging.  Vulf couldn't follow him in time, taking the first blow to his barely healed left cheek.
  He spun off into the ground, rolling twice before stopping in a mangled heap.  Sickly pops could be heard as his already broken bones relocated.  Even though his limbs should have buckled instantly, Vulf threw his bulk forward and landed back onto his feet.
  The warp tilted his head, frowned, then smiled wildly again.  Chaotic thoughts were conveyed by the dancing light in his eyes.  His mind had long since been liberated from sanity.  Vulf could feel this freedom burning into him.
  Where this madness came from was apparent.  The man was radiating it.  Either this was an effect of his power, or this actually was his power.  Either way, it inhibited Vulf to have these thoughts banging around in his head.
  Willpower alone gave him the strength to open a link between the two worlds.  The air grew cold and dense.  Vulf's chest pounded, and twisted.  A deep, black crack began to form over his heart, reaching down to the bottom of his stomach.  The man's powers began to falter slightly as he took an interest in the shifting body.
  The incision burst open with a hollow roar, ripping open and unleashing a hoard of glowing black birds.  Some were rotting carcasses with snapped bones, animated by a forlorn force visible only in their pupil-less red eyes.  The whole flock totaled nearly a hundred.  They flew rings around their summoner, moving with what seemed to be the coordination of a single creature.  A large raven(big enough to rival a hawk)landed on Vulf's shoulder.  It's head had an unnatural red crest, giving it an even closer appearance to a bird of prey.
  Vulf waved his hand and every bird dispersed into the sky.  There they flew in a black halo, watching their master.
  From out of no-where, a group of birds descended, carrying with them a long, feathery cloak.  Vulf was surprised, never before had either this many birds, or this cloak come before.
  Then again, he had only made this link twice before.  It was rare to find something that justified using this power.
  Perhaps more Justification was here, as something else had stepped into the battle ground.
  "Subject Thirteen.  You will stand down.  And you foreigner, will come with me."
  The man's face had drained of colour.  Out of the shadows strode a boy, or at least in appearance.  His fine manner of dress suited his expression, one of smug superiority.
  From the air, several birds struck down like darts.  They charged in at the new target by their own will.  Almost instantly upon touch, the birds' flesh vaporized.  The skeletons still squirmed on the ground.  The boy crushed one underfoot with amusement.
  "Cheap parlor tricks are not a part of my game.  Surrender, both of you."  He ordered.
   The man stepped back slightly, grimacing.  With one hand, he attempted to strike, casting an all too physical projection of his fist at the enemy.
  The boy dodged just barely in time, a bit of his hair rustling from the strike.
  "I don't need my answers to come willingly!"  Vulf roared, raising his hand and bringing it down as if it ordering a barrage of arrows to be let loose.
  Birds swarmed down, forming a tempest of feathers and glowing red.  The boy struck down many of those that approached him with a unseen blast of thermal energy, but the swarm sliced him open, bit by bit.  Eventually he had lost most of the flesh on his left ear and all the skin on his left forearm.
  The other Warped spun and kicked, his specter-like image appearing and hitting Hecter dead on in the gut.  The boy stumbled backward, obviously having damage to the already split stomach.
  "I won't let you get the better of me again.  You two can no longer submit," Hecter stood and brushed himself off,"you will both come back as bags of entrails!"
  Two flaming bolts blasted out from each hand, skewering many birds and then spinning off towards "Subject 13" and Vulf.
  Both narrowly avoided the projectiles.  Vulf realized that those had been launched from two long crossbows on the boy's wirsts, hidden just under what remained of his nice clothes.
  Hecter reloaded each and ignited them with his powers.  Each bolt flew out, striking a tree and turned it into a blistering inferno.  The brittle wood splintered, creating a barrier of fire around the battle zone.  This forest fire wasn't contained, as Vulf and his currently allied warped acquaintance dodged a hail of metal bolts, they frequently were forced to extinguish their clothes.
  "Ready to burn Jim?  Ready to sit in a dungeon for the rest of your pitiful life?"  Hecter mocked, jumping to dodge another low kick.
  "Get away from me Hecter, or whatever you'll get called with a pat on the head by the guard!"  Subject 13 hollered back.
  The little boy donned a look only the enraged veteran soldier should've been able to make.  He reached into his tattered suit and drew a pair of long, curved knives.  Each had tons of serrated teeth on the leading edge.
  "Took these from the doctor.  They always looked liked something fun to use."
  Hecter bounded forth, swiping at Vulf and then spat a flaming dart at Jim.  Vulf backed off and rolled left, jumping right over the burning tree stumps and landing on a plane of grass.
  Ravens soared down, scattering around Hecter and keeping him occupied while Jim came around with a non-projected fist and struck him hard in the back of the head.  The boy swiped back, and tore at Jim's afterimage.
  "That actually worked a second time!"  Jim laughed.
  "Yeah."  Vulf said with an apparent surprise.
  Hecter looked stunned, and a bit bewildered.  Suddenly he began to take in all his own wounds.  He bit his lip in absaloute anger.  With that he dropped two arrows into the vicinity of Jim and fled back into the burning forest.  A tree collapsed, sealing his escape.
  "Get back here!"  Vulf yelled.
  "The Zenrich guard will arrive soon!  We must leave!"

The End

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