Jim the Projector - Freedom?

Such was the fate of a barrier.

Jim examined the scene of gore and destruction he had caused. The room had originally been a sort-of resting room for Twisted about to go into the testing rooms. Jim had changed that. Now, dents containing the remains of the Defined scientists matted the walls, blood dripped from the ceiling, and mangled bodies littered the floor. It truly was a fitting look for a room in this place. Jim had no regret.

He calmly picked his way through the litter and neared the exit. What a great day it was. He would be free to roam and see the world. Jim wondered if he would make any friends. It was enough of a thought to stop him in his tracks. Would they WANT Jim as a friend? He moved to a nearby mirror - the room contained three for some reason - and examined himself. A grey uniform covered his body and his hair lay in dark swathes. There were burn marks from the Defined scientists attempts at capturing him covering his body and even his hair. Well, he did look a mess. 

A quick look around the room provided Jim with a cloak. It had been laying on a holder near the door and was plain in looks. Just a brown cloak for when the rains came. It was perfect! Jim quickly shed his bloody shirt and wiped his body off as best he could with it, then threw on the cloak. Hurrying back to the mirror, it was obvious that a cloak wasn't enough. His hair was still a mess. Pity.

Jim decided he would deal with it later. He had time to do so, after all. Now to escape. Where to from here, though? Well, where else but a door? He moved to the only door he wasn't sure of. All of the others lead to random testing rooms and even some operating rooms. The one door he hadn't been through had to be it! Otherwise, he would be annoyed.

Jim hurried through the door and nearly fell down due to the sudden bright light that invaded his vision. So bright! This was the sun! It had to be! He blinked several times to adjust his vision, only to freeze. Something was off. Last time Jim had checked, there was only one sun. Why was there three now? 

Realization hit him. 

This was the Venrich's Hall, the place the Venrich Guardians were assigned to guard. Jim panicked. He was having such a good day that he had forgotten about this hallway. Curse the Forlorn! Well, there was only one thing to do now. 


He bolted forward, hearing several voices give out cries of realization. Quickly! Heavy footsteps slammed on the ground at impossible rates. They were coming his way! Faster! Jim nearly had his eyesight fully adjusted. He could see their shadows in front of him. So close! 

"Stop him!"

"If he escapes..."

"Just kill him!"

"We need him alive!"

"He is getting away!"

Jim ignored the voices. Why? Why must he listen hear them at all!? He shoved his hands backward and jumped. Time to flee. While still in mid-air, Jim kicked backward and set off his power. The force of the push shoved him through a distant door in mere moments and caused the unseen Venrich Guardians to curse as they fell. Jim landed on soft grass and rolled.

Finally, for what seemed like forever, Jim gazed out into the sky and found the sun. The Venrich Guardians, for whatever reason, had not left the confines of the large Facility. It looked out of place in the large forest that surrounded it. Jim smiled. They were the freaks. This forest and it's inhabitants were the normal ones. 

Jim was normal.

"Subject 13, you are hereby placed in special confinement because of your transactions to the Venrich Council. Please come peacefully. Or else."

Jim sat listening to the voice for a while. What else could he do? He felt so great. There was no reason to even get upset by a lone Defined trying to capture him. So sad. Well, he had no remorse. Might as well kill this man. He stood up and turned on his conversational partner. Who could they think could capture-

A small boy not even five foot tall stood waiting. His eyes were pitch black, his hair neatly cut in a bowl fashion, and his clothing very formal. No. Not him. Not him!

Jim shoved himself backwards with his power and turned to run. This was bad. If they sent Hecter, then he couldn't possibly escape. Not when the boy would just sense him anywhere he went. But... Jim couldn't give up now. He looked to the trees as he passed them by. Did they give up when the storms battered them with wind and rain and even lightning? No! They fought! 

Jim stopped and found Hecter standing right behind him. Now was the time to fight! He would survive. Using some of his power, Jim shot himself back for some distance.

"Why do you run, Subject 13? You of all people should know how futile it is to run from me." 

Jim shook his head. "I am having a good day! Don't ruin it! I regret nothing!"

The boy chuckled. Surely he knew Jim was serious. He really did regret none of his actions.... "Your mind can be fixed. Return and the Defined will continue to work on you as they did me. Together we can restore your sanity, brother."

Jim shook his head. "I am Jim. Not Subject 13. Are you stupid, Hecter?"

Hecter's calm face was distorted with an angry expression. His body began to grow and pulse with some sort of darkness. "I am Proto, or even Subject 1! But, never call me Hecter!" 

Jim started to prepare for defeat, but something happened. Hecter, for just a moment, looked to the side. Had he detected some sort of power? It mattered not. Jim took the advantage and shot every bit of his power into one punch. 

Hecter flew backwards and rolled across the ground. Had he died? His body came to halt and never moved. Jim had won! Well, it WAS a good day after all. He hurried on his way, passing taller and taller trees. He purposely headed to that power source Hecter had sensed. Maybe that was a friend? 

Jim laughed at the idea. It was a joyous laugh, of course. A friend!

The End

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