Faced with the darkest threat that history has ever seen, the Zenrich guardians take extreme steps to protect their people from the madness of the forlorn ones. Will they have doomed themselves to a worse fate?

Beinlen, a country that remains the last of it's kind.  Long ago it stood as the lone torchlight against a backdrop of darkness.  Now it is but a dying ember that is struggling to maintain itself.

  That darkness is known by one name throughout Beinlen; the Florlorn Ones.  They dwell in their ever growing namesake region, called the Forlorn Lands.  No philosopher, or magician, or priest, or scientist, or raving lunatic can truly explain the Forlorn Ones.  It is, to legend, a land of unending war between the Eternals and the Evils of the Shroud.

  To distinguish themselves, Beilen designated it's residents as "Distinct" people.  They exist under confirmed laws, and are understood.  There are five sentient species that reside in Beilen that are classed as Distinct.

  What used to be an order of knights took control of the government almost a hundred years ago.   The Zenrich Guardians, as they are now known, rule over everything unclaimed by the tainted forces of the Forlorn.  They were a noble group, that has fallen far from their founding ideals.  They have resorted to desperate measures in this time of crisis, giving them a reputation as cruel and merciless overlords.

  There remains a third force in this world;the Warped.  They are Distinct that have some link to the Forlorn.  This link manifests itself as unnatural Forlorn abilities that the Warped can manipulate.  Warped come in two general forms: the melded, who have a one sided link that they can maintain, and the twisted, who have a two sided link that always drives them insane.

  The Zenrich Guardians keep tabs on all warped.  Sometimes using them for battle.  A last ditch plan was developed by the governing council, to tamper with taboo arts and produce a being with an even stronger link to the Forlorn.  One that borders on being indistinct.

  Warped are a threat, one that could crush what little remains of the defined world.  But as oil can both start a raging wildfire and rekindle a flickering torch, this damnation could be salvation.  Fighting against the madness of the Forlorn may be futile, and the path of survival is adapting to exist beside them.

The End

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