Les Miserables (Modern Rewrite!)

title says it all ... :)

Les Miserables was set a while ago - we all know that.

But some things are different. Things have changed.

What would it be like if it was set now? Why would Jean Valjean be in prison nowadays - in prison for twenty years? Would Javert hunt him so much after his release if he left a prison now, and would the prison itself have been so harsh? Why did he try to escape so many times?

And what of Cosette? Why haven't social services helped her yet? Why doesn't Fantine get unemployment money after she's sacked? Would the Thenardiers have been caught for abusing Cosette; would Eponine have said something about what went on at home?

How do people react when Javert commits suicide? Do they understand why?

And the students on the barricade - what are they fighting for? What weapons do they use? More to the point, do they survive?

Yeah, you get the idea. All right, go for it. But please remember, this is not a roleplay, and do not make it into one ... thanks.

The End

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