Les IsoldesMature

"The Isoldes have the key to your fortune, find them and unlock the chamber of the Middleford family's prized treasure."
Having to risk his best friend's safety and happiness
having to have his sister loath him so much.
Simon has risked many things for this quest and he won't back down.
He'll do everything to find the Isoldes and to restore the life he once had.
(This summary will be revised as the story goes on)

Chapter 1: The voyage to Paris

  People would usually love going in different adventures. People in this era would love voyages to different places, most of the time countries. But, Simon Middleford was never –not even one bit- interested in these kinds of quests. He prefers trekking than voyaging or anything related to traveling by water. He leaned against the hard wood of Madrid, the lead ship out of the five ships his butler ordered for him in this journey. He closed his eyes and tried to breath in without inhaling the sea air, which gave him headaches weeks ago. How he would love to go back home in London, having tea in his pavilion, reading his book or maybe . . . Chatting with his sister.

            Yes, Amelia Middleford, Simon’s younger sister. Young but a fierce and competitive lady she is. Simon’s eyes immediately shot open at the thought of his beloved sister, who is now his archenemy. “Amelia,” he muttered. “If it wasn’t for this competition, maybe we are still having our never ending fencing duels. Maybe we are still planning for the next novel we ought to write. Or maybe by this time, you’d be planning the preparations for your supposed-to-be wedding. If only this never happened, certainly . . . Until now . . . We would be sharing good laughs. But, since this happened, what we only shared these past weeks were hate letters for each other.” He continued on. Simon’s head is completely distracted by the thought of Amelia’s sudden change of pace; he’s always blamed everything to his grandfather for proposing the quest to search for the three Isoldes. But, soon slowly and quietly, he drifted into a deep sleep.

            “Find the Isoldes and they shall open the gates to your desired place!” It’s Archibald Middleford, the 30th leader of the great family. Simon can hear his voice in his head, the final words he heard from his grandfather.

            “I will never lose to you brother, even if I have to put my life on the line!” Amelia’s voice, he can still remember that day when her sweet, lovely voice changed into a fierce and strong one. She didn’t sound like the Amelia he knew. A stranger who is his competition is what Simon thinks of her now.

            “The Isoldes are hard to find, they are very clever. You must be very cautious at all times, or else it will be your end. It’s now or never master Simon. You must find them and take your place as the thirty-first leader of the Middleford family. I am betting on you, Master.” Sebastian Moore, his loyal attendant. Those were the only words of encouragement he has heard from someone before his leave. Sadly, there weren’t any from Amelia, just words of hatred and anger.

            “I NEVER LOVED YOU AND NEVER WILLL!” was the worst one he heard from her.

            Recalling the past events gave him shivers down his spine, a throbbing headache and haunting dreams about him being killed by Amelia. He squirmed and jerked from one side and another. He is not feeling very well now, maybe because of his seasickness or most probably the thought of the terrifying future ahead of him.

            “Simon.” a soft feminine voice called. He groaned as he tried opening his eyes, but his drowsiness hinders him from opening it wholly. 

            “Who are you?” he asked, he was slurring his words like a drunk.

            “You’re not feeling so well, I can see that.” The voice replied, avoiding Simon’s question.

            “Ah, FriedFrederique, my good friend.”

            “You have a fever. . .”

            “I don’t. I was just sitting here and wandering what would happen to the next following days and—”

            “SIMON SNAP OUT OF IT!” The lady he called “FriedFrederique” shouted.

            Simon gasped and soon sighed, he knows himself that he is not acting that right. “Frederique, do I frustrate you?” he asked out of misery.

            Frederique sat next to him and leaned against sides, “Yes, but not in the sense that I am in the verge of hating you like Amelia.” She answered with her usual soft yet commanding voice.

            The two sat together like that for minutes until Simon broke the silence. “So, where are we going again?” he asked.

            Frederique closed her eyes and sighed. “Paris.” She replied as she sat in a squatting position and hugged her legs allowing her chin to rest on her knees.

            “Paris,” Simon muttered. “You know that Amelia always wanted to go to Paris.” He continued on, putting a weak smile on.

            “I know. And please, just for one day, stop talking about your sister. It will affect our quest in great percentage.” Frederique replied.

            Simon smirked. “How can you be so sure?” he asked arrogantly.

            Frederique smiled with her eyes still closed. “I know you more than anyone else Simon. You’re my childhood friend; I have sacrificed my beloved life as a lady to join you in this journey because you asked me to. Do you ever think that I can refuse to you?” she said.

            “You have a good point on that.”

            “Tell me something new.”

            “Arrogant as always.” Simon smirked.

            Frederique chuckled and stood up. “Anyway, you need to rest. That fever doesn’t feel so good.” She said as she offered her hand to Simon. But, Simon declined this and stood up on his own. “What’s with that? I’m being a good lady here.” Frederique frowned.

            “It’s something you should understand. That not all the time can I accept your help and that I have to stand up on my own even on desperate times.” Simon replied. The bright sun has made his golden hair look brighter than ever and his ash mauve eyes clearer. In a word, mesmerizing.

Frederique flushed. “I am not that much of a useful sparing partner. But, I can take care of you.” She said in a nanny-like tone, pulling Simon inside the cabin to attend to his condition.



The End

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