Bold is the Leopard

Sumunguru walked the silent first floor of the tower till he came to the door, of wood this time. He unlatched it. Cautiously he opened it a crack. He peeped out onto a courtyard.     To Sumunguru's right, a tall keep rose up separate from the surrounding walls. He saw the two tower guarded main entrance. There, torches were lit and men could be seen along the ramparts. Sumunguru crept out into the shadows. There were other structures inside the stronghold: close by, a stable with a foundry where work was still being done, judging by the flare ups of flame.     It brought momentary feelings of nostalgia to Sumunguru to see one again. There was a structure that might be a domicile for the garrison. a few lights burned in the windows. He crouched to one knee in the shadows as a worker from the foundry yawning, walked towards the barracks.        Sumunguru eased closer to the keep. The sound of gates being lifted came to him. From the guarded gate the cart and its escort entered the stronghold grounds. While coming from the keep were eight; amongst these were a woman and a larger man, walking some feet behind her, carrying a chest.      Sumunguru crept closer still,  then scrambling down at a slant across the dry moat which encircled the keep. Till he reached the bottom of it. Then directly under a certain star glowing red in the clear mountain nighttime sky, he again traced an outline, and again a hidden entrance appeared, this time a hatch. Sumunguru entered it and shut it closed behind him.

The End

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