Tales of the Leopard Named Sumunguru

Sumunguru felt the sensation as if walking through a thick layer of spider web, nearing the base of the wall.   The medallion grew cold,then the feeling ceased and it returned to normal, if such a talisman can be called normal. Sumunguru observed no sentries on the ramparts or a light in the round tower to his left. He walked the narrow pathway to the base of the tower. He traced his hand on a section of the stonework in a distinctive pattern until he heard a click. Putting his shoulder to the traced section, Sumunguru pushed with all his strength, seeming to be attempting to bowl over the tower.

But there was another louder click and the appearance of a rectangular doorway appeared, swinging inward like a gate. Sumunguru drew his sword and entered. It was a secret way the current occupiers knew nothing of.  Perhaps.        "They have arrived my love. What we have long waited for will soon be in our possession."   The harmonious voice of a young woman came from the lips of the gold mask wearing shapely figure, standing near the keep's window.    Dark turquoise gemstones were the eyes. A necklace of jewels, ambergris, and coins were about her slender neck. From its costly purple dyed silk gown and robe, a woman's long fingered bronze metal hand rested on the sill.     An aged dry rasp answered her.   "You and the barbarian Eiurd should meet our champions my dear.  I am too, too tired at the moment."   " Of course. It shall be as you wish."    A crackle of laughter from the prone figure laying on the bed, in shadows.   "What you and I have wished for, and Baal at last grants us."

The End

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