Sumunguru the Leopard

The moon made her appearance over the jagged peaks to Sumunguru's right. The trail he was upon was narrow; at times it seemed more appropriate for one of the small bushy tail creatures chattering in the trees as Sumunguru rode  or led his roan by them.    He saw the main road leading to the old stronghold, below him to his right. On it were men; both afoot and mounted, a large ladened cart in their midst. He started down the path that would take him around the stronghold close to its north wall. The sun had surrendered the sky completely to night's darling and the stars were especially bright up here in the mountains.   After what seemed an even longer descent, Sumunguru was around the old stronghold, having been masked by trees, gullies, and boulders.   He had to leave his horse in one of the ravines. When finally worked his way beneath the north wall, he took a deep , and prepared to mountain goat his way up to the north rampart.          From a pouch he pulled a medallion and put it about his neck. Circe said the medallion was made with the Tears of Echo as an important element to aid him penetrating any sorcerous ward about the stronghold. When he got back, he would have to ask who this Echo fellow was.

The End

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