Bold as a Leopard

Sumunguru rode his roan over the ancient Roman bridge, impressed by the skills of the long gone builders. Circe said it was a reason they ruled for so long; their ability with the sword and the spade bound their empire together. When it fell apart, it wasn't until the coming of the Arabs and Berbers that building skills to rival the Romans, came to be in these lands again.    He came to the end of the bridge and closed his eyes. The directions that Circe had impressed on his mind came to him. A soaring view of the landscape ahead, then a zoom downward to a hidden trail in the woods on the heights. Sumunguru opened his eyes knowing his path led to the left of the bridge. " In both meanings,eh good friend?" he asked his roan. It snorted. Sumunguru began to sing an old song of the So warriors on the march.

The End

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