So, there I was, sat on the sofa, wondering what to do. Eva had pulled away and rushed out of the room, leaving me hurt and confused. I didn't know if I loved her or not, everything was such a blur. But what I'd just experienced, was so beautiful.

Eva had gone into the bedroom, where everybody else was. So, I didn't dare go in. I went and locked myself in the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror. I could hear Eva mumbling to the others in the bedroom, and my cheeks blushed red.

Was she discussing what kissing me felt like? Was she telling them what she felt about me? I was worried.. I heard the others gasp, and someone say "Aw, Eva you and Jesika are so cute!".

Eva must have done something before, then. With a girl, I mean. I finally came out of the bathroom and quietly went out of the flat. I stared over the balcony at the sun-shaded part of the road, flowers coating the grass beautifully.

I wrapped a cardigan around me and walked to the local shop, just round the corner from the flats. I bought some milk and other groceries, carefully hiding my face so the person behind the counter couldn't see who I was. I didn't want my Mum to find me, I was happy here - And I wanted to see Leonie.

When I came back, I carefully put the things away and walked into the bedroom. Nobody was there. I walked into the living room, and there was Eva. On her own. She looked so graceful, sat there on the rug. Her hair beautifully covered her face, and her eyes seemed to gleam more than usual.

"Hey, Jes." She whispered. "Look.. About before, um..."
"Don't." I smiled. "It's okay. It happened for a reason. I sort of like you, Eva." I shrugged.
"Oh." Eva grinned. "Wow, I thought you were going to turn me down. I sort of like you too, Jesika. Hmm.."

I sat next to her, crossing my legs. She reached over and pulled me back, so we were both lying on the floor.
"Nobody is in. They've all gone lookin' for jobs." Eva smiled.
Gently, Eva's lips touched mine. Kissing and embracing, I could feel her smile. I opened my eyes, and there she was, staring back at me.

"I love you, Jesika." 

The End

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