The KissMature

Everyone crowded into the bedroom. Emily rushed to the front.

"Your Leonie's sister? Oh my god.. I was like, Leonie's best friend. She always talked about her little sister Jes. But I never realised it would of been you.. I can't get over this!" Emily stammered.
"Really? Wow. So, is she safe? How did she get here? Why did she never come home? And who are Aaron and James?" I trembled, hands shaking, words barely coming out of my mouth.
"She's safe, we're sure. But.. She turned a bit weird. You see, Aaron and James were like her boyfriends. She did anything they told her to. She was a bit of a slut, actually." Molly didn't want to tell me, I could tell, but this shocked me.
"NO! MY SISTER WASN'T A SLUT. She wasn't.. She couldn't.. She wouldn't.." I cried into my hands.
"She was pressured, Jesika. She couldn't do anything about it, and neither could we." Eva appeared into the room, comforting me.

"She got here by Aaron and James. They travel, and needed somewhere to stay. Josh was on the streets once and they noticed him, and followed him here. They knew he was homeless. And, they came in. And didn't leave. They come back often. You might just find your sister, Jesika." Emily smiled.
"I hope so. I really love her." I looked down wearily.

"Okay guys, I think Jesika's had enough. Bed, let's go." Eva yelled.

I clambered into my mattress which I shared with Eva. Eva cuddled against me. It felt different, she'd not done it before. But, it felt nice aswel. I cuddled her back, although thoughts were running through my mind. Would my Mum find me? Would Leonie come back? Did I want to go back home? I just wanted Leonie. Where was she?


Sunlight shone through the bare windows, and birds tweeted and twittered. Eva sat up, and looked down at me. She smiled.
"Hey. You okay?" Eva whispered, trying not to wake up the others. Her beautiful hair fell over her face.
"Yeah, I'm great. Are you?" I replied, sitting up also.
"Ye, I'm good girl." She grinned, getting out of bed. "Coming for some breakfast? Josh has got a job, you know the Newsagents. Pay is bad, but, we all need to try get some small jobs, you know.."
I followed her into the kitchen where she poured some cereal into two bowls.
"Sorry. Haven't got any milk, that's the downside of living here. In fact, there are quite a lot of downsides, but oh well. It's life." Eva said.
"It's okay."

We sat on the sofas together, feet touching. Eva giggled. I did too. She flicked cornflakes at me, I flicked them back. We ended up dropping the cornflakes and fighting.

And then, suddenly our lips were touching and we were in a slow, beautiful kiss.. 

The End

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