A couple of days after I'd arrived at the flat, Josh had managed to get an unwanted television connected, as he was good at technical things like that. Everybody lazed around it, lying on rugs and sofas, watching television happily.

Eva flicked through the channels, sighing.
"There's nothing good on. Eurgh, what about the news?" Eva hummed.

The local news station appeared on the tv, and.. I appeared on the TV too. A reporter started talking, mumbling nonsense.
"Jesika was last seen around 8pm, two days ago. All her clothes were missing and she was out of sight. She hasn't been sighted, and the Police are desperately trying to find her in fears that she could be in danger. Her sister, Leonie went missing years ago, and still hasn't be found. Her family hopes that Jesika doesn't go the same way Leonie did."

She then stopped talking and my Mum and David were there.
"Jesika isn't like this." my Mum began. "She wouldn't go missing. She's a lovely girl, very respected and kind." Mum began to cry, so David started talking for her.
"We miss Jesika very much. Leonie went missing and we still haven't found her. Everybody is worried about Jesika. Jesika, if you're watching this - please come home, darling. We want you back. Please, Please, Please come back."

Then the TV went black. "Oh, the antenna has unplugged itself, again." Josh jumped up to plug it back in.
"Jesika? They seem like they really miss you.." Kaydie said, looking at me.
"Yeah, I agree." Josh agreed.

"They don't okay? It's all lies. Lies, lies, lies. They don't care about Leonie and they don't care about me. All they care about is Imogen, okay?" I snapped, getting up and storming into the shared bedroom.

I heard them all talking about me, but I blocked them out. Suddenly, Molly came in.

"Wait, Jesika.. You've got a sister, right? Leonie.. Well, we know Leonie. She used to live here, months back. With these guys, big guys called Aaron and James. I think Leonie is your sister. She comes often, so." Molly shivered.
"WHAT? No, what does she look like?" I screamed, hysterical.
"Blonde curls, pretty blue eyes, pale skin.." Molly started.
"Oh my god. It's Leonie."  

The End

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