The OthersMature

Eva led me to a block of flats which looked grotty and damp. They towered above all the other buildings, and looked scary in the dark night.

We approached a staircase inside the flats, which led to the top floor. We walked and walked, and eventually got there.

"Sorry, we would have gone in the lifts, but.. They broke a while ago, and nobody has come to fix them. The council are stupid, but I guess it's just as well, because they can't find out that we're here." Eva spoke in a beautiful high voice. She sounded confident - she needed to be, I guess.

Finally, we got to a door. Damp leaked round the edges, and mould surrounded the walls.
"Is this it?" I asked, trembling.
"Yes. It doesn't look too good on the outside, but we did try and fix it on the inside.. It's like home but it's not." Eva looked me in the eyes. "Ready?"
"Y-Yes." I stammered.

Eva pushed open the door, and it creaked as it did so. Inside, the walls were carefully patterned black and white zebra print, the floor was wooden, black sofas were placed on white fluffy rugs, and on the sofas were other teenagers.

They all looked at me as I walked in behind Eva. 

"Oi, Eva. Back now, after your silly little tantrum? Shame, I thought you'd gone forever then. We were gonna celebrate." A tall, dark haired boy grinned cheekily. He lounged on the sofas, hands behind his head.
"Oh, shut up Josh. It wasn't silly, you're silly, okay? Eurgh." Eva sighed, closing the door behind me.

Eva walked forward, and ushered me to sit down between two girls. They both stared at me.
"Hey, Eva.. Who's this?" The girl next to me asked. She had pretty blonde hair, that looked bleached. Her eyeliner  was thick and her eyelashes were obviously fake, as they were so long.
"Oh, guys.. This is, er. What's your name again, babe?" Eva asked, raising her eyebrows at me, but smiling.
"Um. I'm, Jesika." I looked at my feet. I hated my name. My Mum wasn't normal, she hated normal names, so Jessica wasn't good enough for her. Jesika was, though. You pronounce it Jess-eeka.

"Oh. Nice, I'm Molly." The girl replied, grinning.
"Okay, I guess we'll have to introduce you to everyone." Eva said, sighing. "It goes, Josh, me, Molly, Amy, Darren, Joseph, Emily and Kaydie. Okay?" 
I nodded.

Wow. What a big, happy family. 

The End

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