Running AwayMature

I ran upstairs, and quickly grabbed an old beaten rucksack that I'd never used, ever. I shoved some clothes in it quickly, and some savings which was around £67. It was meant to be spent on a holiday in Blackpool where we were going to go in Summer, but I didn't care. It was a holiday, this was more important.

I threw a couple of brushes and some mosturiser and a few eyeliners in my rucksack also, and a pull over sweater incase I got cold. That was pretty much in my rucksack, and lastly - a picture of Leonie. 

The picture was gently framed with diamonds and glittery metal. In the picture, there was Leonie. A smiley, bubbly girl with beautiful blue eyes and bouncing blonde hair. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I quickly brushed them away with my spare hand, and then ran out of the door. Quietly but carefully, I edged down the stairs, hearing the buzz of the television. I slipped through the front door and closed it ever so quietly. I knew I wasn't wanted in that house. My mum had showed me that.

Thoughts rambled in my head, I couldn't think straight and ended up walking down random streets, in the cold dark night. The wind hit my cheeks like a painful slap with cold, icy hands. I walked and walked into the night until I felt I couldn't walk anymore. I saw a girl sat on the street, kicking a stone into the gutter. She looked poor, and scruffy. 

I approached this girl carefully. I'd be told never to talk to strangers but who cares? I wasn't at home anymore. She looked around my age with chestnut brown hair that hung down her back limply. Her skin was pale and dull, and her eyes had no sparkle. I doubt she barely even noticed I was there, she was in a complete different world entirely, eyes set on the ground silently.

"Um, hello?" I whispered.
"Oh.. hey? Do I er, know you?" She raised her eyebrows at me which made me feel stupid.
"No. You don't. I hope you don't mind me asking, but where do you live?" I tried to feel confident and powerful but I ended up sounding like a scared little girl - which I most probably was.
"No-where. Well, there's a flat on the Northwood Estate where some of these homeless and runaway kids live, I mean it's not much but it's home. I was just you know, lingering down here. Why?" The girl stood up and I could see her face more clearly in the dim, flickering light supplied by the lampost she was sat next to. Her face was covered in bruises and cuts, and I felt sorry for her instantly.
"I've um, run away. My mum, she doesn't want me.. I was wondering if I could stay somewhere?" I tried to distract my tired eyes from her injured face, but it was hard to take your eyes of her. I decided to stare at the ground to distract myself, instead.
The girl smiled. She had a beautiful smile and her eyes began to sparkle. "Oh, sure. You can come back to the flat, if you like. I mean, we're all there. It's not the best home but, it's okay. Come on then. I'm Eva, by the way." Eva grinned, taking my hand and leading me down the deserted street, into the dim light.. 

The End

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