When Jesika's sister Leonie goes missing, Jesika's world falls apart. Will Leonie ever return?

Running along the beach, no shoes or socks, sand crunching under my toes. Leonie ran ahead of me, but made sure I wasn't too far behind - she was always protective of me. I was seven, and our mother had took us out to the beach for a day. The sky was perfect and crystal blue, and the waves overlapped, making the sand all wet and muddy. 

Leonie giggled at a man with no top on, as he didn't have the most perfect body ever. She took my hand and we ran along the beach, up to the ice-cream stall. Leonie's gorgeous curly sand-blonde hair bobbed gently on her shoulders. Leonie was my big sister. She was 14 at the time, and she was the most amazing person you could ever know. She wasn't just my sister, she was my best-friend and I knew she'd be there with me forever. But, I was wrong. She wasn't.

Two years later, I had turned nine and Leonie was sixteen. She was still as pretty as ever, and all the boys loved her, and the girls all wanted to be her best-friend.

It was a dull, Sunday morning... And well, I guess this is where our story starts.

It was about 10:00am, and there was a sudden knock at the door. It was a loud, harsh knock. Mum was jumped by it, but, went and answered the door. Stood there were two policeman. They looked very stern but also sympathetic, like something was wrong. Police normally meant trouble, and I had a bad feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. I stood up and ran to the top of the stairs, so I wasn't in sight but I still could hear the horrible conversation going on downstairs.

"Mrs Green, we're from your local Police Station. We're sorry to inform you that your daughter, Leonie Green has been reported abducted." he paused, while Mum gasped. I could just picture her there on the sofa, crying.
"As you may know.." he continued, "Leonie was at a house-party on Grovel Avenue last night, at her friend Kirsty Johnson's house. Halfway through the party a gang of masked-men came in, and grabbed Leonie. We don't know why they grabbed Leonie, but they made off with her. We don't know where they are as many of the people there we drunk and didn't see what they looked like or took a licsense plate number.."

Everything was blurred after that. Not Leonie. Leonie wouldn't get abducted? She was my sister, nothing would happen to her.

And it never really sunk in. Not after the Police had slammed out of the house. Not after months of crying and awaiting Leonie's possible return. Not after hoping that the Police had found a new link and Leonie had been found alive. And not even after 13 years of waiting.

Leonie didn't come back... 

The End

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