Lemons and Limes

Would you believe it? I was walking home from work last tuesday, and an old gentleman walked towards me, and shouted "hey! You! You're the one who stole my shopping!"

As you can imagine, i was quite distraught at this, i'm no thief! So i told him, "I'm no common thief, who do you think you are!?"

So he explained...

"You don't know who you're messing with, kid! The last person who stole from me ended up eating fried vegetable smoothies and walking like the crazy guy from Mr.Men"

So this worried me, as you would expect.

A car pulled up.

"Dad, stop toying with this poor man", then the driver looked towards me. "Sorry, my dad's going a bit crazy, he doesn't know what he's saying"

The Gentleman shut up for a few seconds, then said "But you've got my Lemons and Limes!"

Thanks, feel free to add anything else, and if you can think of who else the old man might have protagonised, add that too! Enjoy!

The End

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