I have always hated the past. I mean, why wouldn't I? Things in my life always seem to go wrong. When I was very young, my family was very poor. My father loved to deny the fact that he did not love us by telling us that he was disciplining us when we were naughty. But sometime the "disciplinary acts" were very painful. And were resulting in black eyes and thing like that. When I joined the dance school in Moscow my father was so angry because he thought I didn't love him, that all I can say is that night I told him got him in prison.

After dance school I moved to America to be joining Broadway. In Broadway I meet a truly wonderful person. Her name was Ruth. She was the only one to introduce himself to me and say my name right and to not think my Russian heritage will make me a worse dancer than everyone else. We were both in the chorus of a musical called Curtains. It's about death but still funny. At first I couldn't understand. But then Ruth showed me the reason for that and many other things. After we were in Curtains, I and Ruth went to many places together other than rehearsal for other shows. Then after one year of being good friends, she asked me to marry her. I cried and said "yes". The wedding was very enjoyable. I cried again.

 Many years later we move to Cleveland with our children. I help make the musicals for a local high school, she does the same. Then one day we drive to work. The road was very slippery because it is winter. The car near us slips and hits a tree. We slip too and hit the car. The people in the car die instantly. So does Ruth. I do not. When I get to the hospital, I am very hurt. They operate on me and I go into a coma. I am told that my daughter Natasha and my son Charlie were there every day I was in the hospital. She took pictures of the funeral and showed me when I was awake. This made cry again. I cried so much that after hospital I move to a home for people like me because I also couldn't walk. Then I meet another important person, my aid, Mrs. Rosen. I and Mrs. Rosen do a lot of things together so she can comfort me when I am sad or I remember Ruth and I having dinner after opening night and thing like that.

 One day we are on a walk/wheelchair roll when I ask her to stop. There was what looked like a local theater group performing on a makeshift stage. The show they were doing almost made me cry again. The show was Curtains. There was one woman that broke my heart because she had  mine and Ruth's part. She had the most beautiful green eyes highlighted by her stage makeup. She wore a red floosie costume that reminded me of mine. Even though she spoke in a high pitched voice like me and Ruth had to, she could not hide that soft lovely voice she had. My eyes teared up. For the first time since the car accident, I was in love.

After the show, I had rolled up to the spot where the cast where taking flowers. I saw her and my heart almost stopped beating. She was even more beautiful than she was in the stage lights. I didn't have anything to give like the men had. They had flowers and chocolates but they were always rejected by the beautiful woman. I didn't have a chance. But I did have a chance. I had the location of my performance; Broadway. She would be impressed and we would have a great thing to share. Then the moment of truth would start.

I rolled to her and she looked at me, suprisement in her eyes.
"I'm sorry, do I know you?" She seemed to think I was trying to hurt her. I planed to change that.
"Not yet." I smiled I warming smile "You see, I was in curtains too, on broadway."
Her face lit up " Your the woman who they thought went crazy. Don't think I'm a creep or swomething but I...I kinda have a little crush on you"
The moment of thruth was the best moment of my life.

The End

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