Lemon Versus Grapefruit

This is a collection of stories, fiction or non-fiction, of lesbians and their lives. This is supposed to be polite so please don't be rude.

I never asked to be different.
But I was mostly ok with it.
All I ever wanted was to be ok with myself.
But maybe that was too much to ask when your sixteen years old, Jewish, and in love with someone your own gender.


I never cared about being gay.
Just like eve not caring about coming out of her husband's rib.
Stuff like that just happens.
That's what I tell my parents.


And if people say that my religion doesn't allow people like me,
Then I just tell them that religions are for believing not obeying.


When I go to school,
And people tell me that my clothes make me look gay then crack up,
I don't care.
I just pretend to laugh.


That's why Lea is always envies me,
Because she's a worry-wart.
But I love her.
I love her enough to not care about those people.
They don't know me.
They will never know me like lea and mama and papa and everyone else I know and love.

The End

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