Sleeping By The Surf

Spencer glared into the clear surf, knowing Rene was probably far below it by now. He grumbled to himself, even though a smile was on his face, before taking off his wet t-shirt. Picking up her clothes, he headed back to his pick-up to find the ever-present striped red towel and beach bag. He stashed her clothing and then pulled out the towel to lay it across the seat before climbing in and starting it up. 

But seconds later, he turned the engine back off; there was no where he wanted to go, no one else he wanted to be with. His empty apartment wasn't appealing and so he decided to just sit at the beach for a while. Knowing Rene was close by was comforting, no matter how deep down in the sea she was. 

Spencer pulled the book from his backpack and then climbed into the bed of his truck, facing the calm surf. Flipping to the page Rene had obviously yet to reach, he sighed sadly. As soon as she reached here, she'd understand everything, he hoped. 

Spencer spent the night on the beach, sleeping in the bed of the truck instead of heading home. After all the time he spent with Rene, she unfortunately never stayed for the night. Still, the following day for Spencer would be full of community college classes so he figured he might as well be there when Rene surfaced since she wouldn't be able to have the whole day alone with him.

He awoke to a smiling Rene snuggled up to his side. "Hi sleepy head," she said sweetly and he turned to kiss her cheek. 

"Hey ... you're dressed," he replied just as she slapped his shoulder hard. 

"Shut up!" Her cheeks turned bright red as she moved into a sitting position and he propped himself up onto his elbows. 

"I just couldn't help myself, babe. Sorry. But hey, I've got classes all day so we'll have to hurry if you wanna get breakfast or anything."

Rene bit her lip in obvious disappointment. "Oh. Okay, well do we have time to stop and get some clothes?" 

"In my opinion you don't even need clothes." He laughed loud as she slapped him hard again before hoisting herself over the side of the truck and climbing in front without another word. 

Spencer couldn't wipe the smile from his face as he got in after her, deciding to stay shirtless just to make a statement. Rene openly pouted with her arms crossed over her chest as she stared out the window and Spencer just wasn't having that. He slid closer to her as she slid further away. But she'd already slammed the door closed so there was no escaping him. Not that she really wanted to. 

Finally, Rene turned her head slightly to face him and he kissed her full of the lips hastily. She couldn't help but smile and press her body close to him as they kissed but after a prolonged minute he had to pull away unwillingly. "We don't have time," he said sadly, "But maybe we could ... if you stayed over."

She was shaking her head before he even finished his sentence. “Let’s not get into this now.”

He slid away, starting the engine in silence before finally answering in defeat, “Fine, fine, fine. We’ll talk about it later.” He leaned over to kiss her cheek again before driving out of the sand and toward his apartment.

The End

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