Rene darted around the corner of the old, abandoned bowling alley. She looked up and took a deep breath before beginning her ascent up the fire escape.

Oh how I hate heights.  She took a nervous glance down, and then wished she didn't as usual. She took another gulp of air before continuing up to the roof.

Spencer was standing in the center, with his back turned to her. His brown hair rippling in the ocean breeze. He turned to her, his penetrating gaze sending all the usual shivers down her spine. "Well hi." He grinned, abruptly.

It was always weird whenever he smiled at her. Spencer had the sort of face that one would expect to be serious all the time. It was sharp,  but delicate, almost classic with his old Hollywood features. 

"So, did you figure out the last puzzle?"  He asked her, his eyes glinting.  She already knew he knew the answer.

"No." Rene sighed, exasperated. "Are you going to help me? Its so frustrating!" She waved the book at him, desperately.

"Nope." He beamed. "That would ruin all the fun for you!"

She frowned stormily. He's right, I love puzzles. And that would ruin the challenge for me.  "I guess." Came the grudging admittance.

"Gotta keep your mind sharp." Spencer tapped his temple with a finger, then went comically cross-eyed.

She sighed, yet again. "Why do you always say that? You're quite obviously preparing me for something, can you at least tell me what it is?"

"No, its a secret." He ran a hand through his hair and tilted his head, his blue eyes looking far away for a moment.

"Spencer."  Rene was frustrated, the usual case when talking to Spencer.

He smiled at her. "Its time for you to go home, Princess. Let's go!"

"Oh, alright!" Rene threw her hands in the air, annoyed. "And how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that? I'm not a Princess!"

"As you wish." Spencer smirked, leading the way down the fire escape.


He drove her to a deserted part of the boardwalk and the walked down to the Ocean together. "I'll keep the book for you." Spencer held out his hand.

Rene rolled her eyes and tossed the book at him. He caught it neatly and tucked it into his backpack. "Turn around." She commanded .

"Why?" Spencer laughed. "I've seen it all before."

"No, you haven't." She ignored his laughter. "Now turn around."

He made a big show of turning around in slow motion.

She snorted, unamused and then stripped down and plunged into the surf.

Spencer was already facing her again when she came up from the water again, about 15 feet from the shore.

"That feels so good,  I've been too dry all day!" She laughed.

"If you ask me, you're dry all the time!" Spencer yelled from the shore.

"Shut up!" She disappeared under the water with a flip of her tail fin, making sure to create a wave large enough to hit him on shore.

The last thing she heard as she swam away was Spencer's outraged shout as he was inevitably drenched from head to toe.


The End

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