A Short Walk

Successful again, Damian thought to himself happily. Out loud he uttered hopefully, “That’s what I like to hear. Wanna go for a walk?”


Who is this boy and what does he want, Rene thought to herself while trying to make him nervous by not answering right away. She’d been so focused on the confusing book Spencer gave her earlier that she hadn’t even seen him walking over until he made the dumb comment about her shoes.

At this moment, she slipped her feet into them and replied, “Sure. A walk sounds nice.” In truth, a walk did not sound nice and she did not want to be wasting her time on some cute guy when she could be solving the puzzle Spencer burdened her with. It wasn’t his fault, one side of Rene’s mind tried to convince the other. He’s been so busy himself … but her thoughts trailed off as she realized Damian was talking.

“So what do you like to do?” he asked as a conversation starter. She needed a way to turn him off and give him the signal she wasn’t really interested. She had Spencer … somewhat.

“Well I’m really into reading.” Most cute guys don’t really read, but this one nodded his head as if he did.

“Really? I’m a secret book lover myself.” Rene fought not to roll her eyes. He had to be joking. What cute guy existed in the world of books? No one, that’s the answer.

“Who’s your favorite author?” she challenged and caught the pause of hesitation he was trying so desperately to hide.

“Dr. Suess is like my idol.” Rene giggled like his joke was funny even though it obviously wasn’t. She could tell right from the beginning that Damian seemed to be a lot of things, but very funny was not one of them. Still, she needed to get rid of him. Now. She was supposed to be meeting Spencer behind the old abandoned bowling ally but she still hadn’t figure out a way to excuse herself politely.

Without really wanting to admit it, this Damian guy did spark a little bit of curiosity in her. He may have put up the flirty, fun boy front but she could tell there was something more. She’d always been able to read people well. That’s what drove her to Spencer … though that’s another story.

In truth, Rene wanted to spend some more time with Damian but on the other hand, Spencer was waiting for her. And you don’t just keep a guy like Spencer waiting. She came up with a stupid yet believable explanation of why she had to run off quickly and Damian looked convinced enough. They exchanged numbers and then she was off.

Taking time to prepare herself for Spencer, Rene took the long way to their meeting place. The bowling ally was inconspicuous enough on the corner of Third Street in the small town of Lemon Cove, California.

The End

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