Rose: Free Trial

Player: Rose Nichols
Character: Wayward

“Thank you for your patronage M’am Rose Nichols, but with Paradox Interactive’s buy out, several products have been discontinued including Battlesphere which you are currently subscribed to. We hope you will continue to support our efforts to create new, amazing games.”

That’s all four years of undying loyalty buys you nowadays. You sink in time and money only to be told the devs don’t want to work on this anymore so tough luck.

I dismissed the message with a wrist flick from my smart glasses and kept walking home. I opened the door and saw my mom in the living room.

“Good afternoon, Rose.” She said. “Did you go out without make up again?” She was annoyed. I wasn’t the princess she wanted.

In answer I just grumbled and dragged my feet to my room. Did it really matter if I didn’t wear makeup? I was the portly redheaded with more freckles than skin since I’d been twelve, It wouldn’t have made me any better.

I sat down in the desk chair and lounged back forty-five degrees. My favorite game was dead, summer was coming and I wouldn’t have anything to do… I called up an interface and browsed the shop. Not much new and interesting was coming out this year. I checked the saved for later list.

Leikur caught my eye again. I wasn’t a fan of genre crossovers and it was that type of game, a veritable kitchen sink of everything you could think of. It was apparently the next big MMO to rule them all or something. The shop proudly announced a two week free trial.

What could I lose by trying it. I clicked the install button and waited for it to download to my rig, killing time by completing what little homework I had. When it was completed, it made a sharp ‘ding’ in my ear buds. I dropped by on my bed and took the rig from the bed table. It wasn’t much, just an electrode and opaque visor. I put it on my head and activated it.

Jumping to VR is scary at first, your body goes numb, as if sleeping and your senses disconnect for a moment, so you don’t feel anything. Then everything comes back into existence and you’re in a new world that exist sorely on computers.

I was floating in space, my body nothing but a featureless white silhouette.

“Welcome Champion, it’s almost time to return into the world. Do you remember your name?” The creature that spoke was humanoid shaped, a floating triangular head, a a slim body and limbs that split into two helix shaped bits before coming back together. It had no texture just a silvery sheen to it.

This was an obvious name prompt. And I sucked at names. I tried a dozen or so names before something was accepted.

“Welcome Wayward. It’s time to chose your destiny.”

“Six worlds are currently in danger from the convergence, You must chose which you will incarnate on, this will grant you powers to fight the coming darkness. Maelianis a medieval world filled with valiant knights. Ragnis, a wasteland covered with remains of ancient civilization, coursing with magic and technology lost, should you choose to be born there, you will control powerful forces. Temporus, the mega city atop an era of technology but also treachery, there you will master the ways of firearms and technology. Pharos, is nothing but a shell of what it once was, mighty psychic energies course through it and through you they may also course. Walleria, the lost world, filled with might beasts and frightened men, there you shall harness the powers of nature and of shapeshifting. The sixth world will be where we shall lead our eternal crusade from yet again, but you cannot hail from it.”

Obviously a class selection menu. I took a good look at every class. Vanguards were your standard knights in shining armor, Mancers were control based magicians using magic and technology, Tempests were gunslingers and infiltrators, Empaths were the healers of the game. Shifters were for the chronically undecided who liked doing everything but not being great at it.

I chose the vanguard and the game switched to the character creation screen. On the left, was a screen of different default options, the right side has a stat block. Character model seemed to change what stats you had, bigger guys had higher endurance but lower agility and vice versa for small guys.

I fiddled with my girl’s setting not finding anything satisfactory, I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t feel like playing a super hottie or a hunk of meat of a woman.

At the bottom was the gender button. I clicked male. It looked much better.

I customized him for maybe half an hour before I found it satisfying. I’d kept his build slender but still athletic, long white hair going to his chin, a small scar on it and silvery eyes. He looked attractive I reckoned.

And then I jumped into the game proper...

The End

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