Users of Leikur

Polaris' Studios new game, Leikur, has ignited major fan support, with millions of users flocking towards it. The game consists of six planets and classes to choose from, and a plethora of areas and quests to be invested in for hours on end.

Author: erfranco

Real Name: James Campbell
Gender: Male
Age: 16

IGN: Exile
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Tempest, Defense specialized
Character Appearance: Slender, average sized. Short black hair with a red highlight. One red, one black eye.

Personality: Timid and modest in real life, but a little more outgoing within Leikur. Hopes to find friends.

Background: He was never bullied, but he never had friends in school. He would eat alone and not talk to anyone. However, he is an avid gamer, and heard a lot about Leikur, so he decided to start playing.

Author: Nerathul

Real Name: Rosa Nichols
Gender: Female
Age: 17

In Game Name: Wayward
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Vanguard, Agility specialized
Character Appearance; Tall and Slender, more athletic than buff, long white hair, blue eyes.

Personality: Rosa pushes people away almost by instinct, she's lonely and would love friends, but she just can't open up to anyone. 

Background: Rosa hates her life, with a passion, so ever since she was young, she found ways to escape it. When her favorite game shut down, she decided to try a new one; Leikur.

Author: H.C.Chapman

Real Name: Connie Ivory.
Gender: Female.
Age: 16.

IGN: Alya 
Character Gender: Female.
Character Class: Empathy, ... specialized. 
Character Appearance: Long bright pink hair with multi-coloured ends usually tied up in strange hairstyles. She's a short person, able to hide easily amongst vegetation. Above her head is a fluffy blue creature, no bigger than the size of her head, with the body of a wolf and the wings of a bat. She seems to be the only one whom can understand this animal.

Personality: A bubbly person who loves animals and plants more than people and will do anything to help them. Follows what sparks her curiosity - be that animals, games, or people.

Background: As she finds face to face, real life communication with people hard, she has been intrigued by virtual games ever since she can remember. Even though she finds social interaction easier in this firm, she can be blunt or just silent when talked to by others unless they 'prove themselves' in her eyes. 

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