A Friend's Death

I wake up the next day. I get around, and eat breakfast. I then start walking to school, thinking about who could have killed Leigh, again. Anybody who might have had secretly hated her. Anyone who might have said they absolutely hated her. No one comes to mind. Everybody loved her. I can't imagine why anybody would even want to kill her. 

I finally reach school, only to meet my best mates, Joe and Tyler. "I'm so sorry to hear about Lynn, Dean", they say,almost simultaneously. 

"Thanks", is all I say as I walk to my locker.

As I grab my things out, the crazy girl, Lynn, who has like me since the third grade, comes up to me, again. "I'm still sorry about Leigh", she says, with almost a small smirk on her face. "She was such a kind person". 

"Thank you", I say, walking away, with her following me. "She was a kind person". 

"Yeah. Hey, are you sure you don't want to go out?", she asks, looking like she was about to start twitching again.

"Yes, I'm sure, Lynn", I say as I walk into the classroom.

After a few hours it's time for lunch. I put everything into my locker and walk to the cafeteria just as the bell rings. I walked through the 1st line and grab a pizza and water. I sit down and start eating my lunch as I hear a loud bang and about a thousand screams. I run to see who's been shot and find that it was Tyler. Seeing him shot is almost like an insult after Leigh's death. 

I bed down and find that he is bleeding from his stomach, but still breathing, barely. "Hey", he says, tears falling down his face. 

"Hey", I say, holding tears back. "How are you?"

"You really... have to... ask that?", He says,  starting to close his eyes.

"Not really", I say, tears falling from my eyes. His eyes close shut. "Bye Tyler", I say as somebody picks him up, putting him up on a gurney, taking him away, this being the last time I'll ever see him. 

The End

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