The Funeral

I wake up the next day at 3:00 am. I guess I must have dozed off. I get off the couch and walk around the house for a bit, trying to think about who could have possibly killed her. Everyone loved Leigh. I can't think of anyone who would kill her. She didn't have any enemies. Everyone liked her. Maybe someone who was over-jealous of her? Still, I draw a blank. Why is this happening? When I'm done thinking, I go back to sleep.

When I wake up again it's 10:00 am. As I'm getting up, my phone goes off. A reminder about Leigh's funeral today at 12:00. I go to the bathroom, take a shower, and put my best clothes on.  I then eat a quick, late breakfast, get in my car, and drive to where the funeral is taking place. 

At the funeral, I saw only a few of what I would consider friends. I also see Lynn. Oh great, I think as she walks over to me. 

"Hey Dean, I'm sorry again for Leigh's death", she says with almost a slight smirk on her face. "I wish it didn't have to be this way." 

Thinking about whether or not that sounded suspicious, I say, "Yeah, same here."

"Yeah, It's even worse that she died in my arms", she says with her best sad face.

Right as soon as she says this I scream, "Wait, what?!"

"Yeah, didn't anyone tell you? She was on her way to "Sweet Tooth". I saw her, waved, then walked over to her."

"Well, keep going!"

"Then, out of no where, some person wearing all back comes up and stabs Leigh, right in the heart. He ran away too fast for me to see their face. I called 911, but I knew she was already dead."

"No, nobody told be this, " I say, trying to take all of this in.

"Oh, well, since I'm already talking to you, I want to ask you something", She says. 

"Go ahead." 

"Okay, um.. Will you go out with me?", she asks. 

Huge change of subject, there. I say what I always say when she asks. "I'm sorry, Lynn, but I really don't want a girlfriend. Especially so soon after Leigh died."

"Oh.. Okay", she says with a slight scowl and twitch, as she walks away, still slightly twitching. 


As the funeral begins, there is a lot of weeping. I even found myself crying a few times. The pastor talked about how kind-hearted she was and how much she had effected all of our lives. How she was so caring and giving. I agreed with all of this. She was just such a nice person. I don't know why anybody would want to kill her. We then closed her casket, picked it up and put it in a large, green van which would take her to the cemetery. 

Many of us followed her out to watch her get put in her grave. I say goodbye to her for the last time, as they dropped her casket into the grave.

The End

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