Leigh's Mystery Killer

I woke up thinking only one thing. Leigh is dead. 

I was at our favorite ice-cream place, "Sweet-Tooth", waiting for her to show up. I waited for about a half hour wondering if she would show up. I had sent her texts and I called her 7 times wondering where she was. I finally gave up and just ordered my ice-cream, hoping she would just magically show up. Right after I started eating my ice-cream, I got a call. I looked at my phone, hoping it was her, but it wasn't. It was a police officer telling me that she was dead. Murdered. By a stab wound to the heart.

She was the only person I enjoyed being around. I loved her, and now she's dead. Killed by a stab wound to the heart by an unknown person. I get out of bed, promising myself I would find whoever killed her and kill them slowly and painfully.  I walk downstairs, open a cupboard, grab out the largest bowl I can find, and set it on the table. I take out some cereal and pour as much of it as I can without any falling out of the bowl, as my Mum steps into the kitchen. "You're not hungry, are you?", She says.

"Well, I want to do something other than cry over Leigh", I say. My Mum walks quickly over to me and hugs me. 

"I'm so very sorry, Dean", she says. "Hopefully we can find whoever killed her."

"I hope we can too, Mom", I say trying to hold back the tears. I hope we can too so that I can watch him die slowly, I really think.

The End

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