Story 1: Where do I come from?

A series of short stories that I wrote as a tribute to the original cancelled story (I'm sorry I don't know philosophy either)

Lei and her friend, Audrey Dawson (Dawdrey) were sitting alone on a grassy field. Suddenly, Lei had a question:

-Where do I come from, Dawdrey? Am I just a girl raised in a world of ocean blue and and green lands?

-How am I supposed to know, Lei? I'm just a 13 year-old not within my knowledge- Drawdrey childishly replied.

-I don't know philosophy too, my friend. But I don't know this feeling. I feel like...I'm not from here.

-Well, we are faraway from our homes, obviously..-Said Dawdrey.

Lei suddenly stood up, and looked like as if she was about give out some sort of dramatic speech:

-No Dawdrey. Not my house. My home. Original home....

-What do you mean?

Lei took a second of silence and spoke to Dawdrey:

-I have a dream last night. A dream that was colourful as this world itself, emotional as a musician when he's composing a song with hard feelings, but it is as real existence.

A spark of light rose in Dawdrey's eyes. For the first time in her life, she has never heard something that emotional. It's highly interesting, yet scary. And for the first time, this is the moment when she can't say anything about it...

But then again, she had a reputation for her big mouth, so she had to say something.

-Um...Lei. What's the dream about?

-Me, as a being from another planet.

The End

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