I continued to know nothing until the window opened, though I had no way of knowing how long I remained in the dark.  From the window flooded memories and knowledge; light in the overwhelming darkness.

I was a woman.

Short hair that had once been long after being even shorter.  My body was warm, or had been at some point, though in that moment I felt no temperature.  Were these memories mine?  I shifted, tried to reach up and run my fingers through my hair, but my limb would not bend the way I expected it to.  It was not slender and flexible as it was in the memories, but hard instead, thick, armored.  I remembered fear, and felt fear knowing I was different.  I attempted to call out, but again, my voice was not the same as the one in those memories.  From my throat rattled noise, low and guttural, but not a voice.

These were not my memories.

As I struggled to comprehend, the light began to recede back through the window.  The memories were fading, the knowledge slipping away, leaving behind a residue of faint emotion and blurry awareness.  And in time, those left me as well, and once again I was nothing.

The End

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