Legends of the Lost Ones

A couple thousand years ago, there were creatures that roamed the world... No man had ever seen some, but others were treated with respect and honor. In China, there were many creatures that roamed the palaces and lands. Dragons and other animals were resting in peace at last until the world began to fall apart. There was an uprising in the underworld and the creatures were forced to find one another and work together to restrain the beast that was causing the problem for they knew they could ne

"I know what I have to do. I want to claim the world again. It's mine!" Hades screamed to himself, "but I can't because of the cursed creatures that are preventing me. I have to get them at the right time. When they're far apart!" he screamed as he hit the table.

"I must reclaim the world!" he repeated, "but HOW! Zeus has taken my powers and I feed on the misery of the world, but there is no misery with the creatures roaming freely on it!"

Then Hades thought of an idea, "I will create a signal and call Fucanglong. He will come and I will battle him causing an earth quake. Then he will rise up to the heavens and tell the Gods. It is a small price to pay for such pleasure it will bring me," he said as he created a distress signal.

Immediately after he had called, Fucanglong had arrived, falling into his trap, "Long time no see, eh my underworld dragon?" Hades said cleverly.

Suddenly, out of no where, Hades threw a magic spell at the dragon. The earth began to shake as the screams of the people cried out and Hades gained more power. He flew around his layer and threw more devastating spells until Fucanglong sprang out of the area and into the heavens.

"Zeus!" Fucanglong cried, "Hades is growing stronger and stronger. He pulled me into a trap and created an earthquake! The people are fretting and he is gaining power every second now!"

"Calm down my friend. Go down and calm the people. Help their griefs and help them rebuild the city. Everything will be okay and Hades will loose more energy because they will adore you more. Now go my old friend," and with that Fucanglong left and helped the city.


"Why am I withering again?!" Hades screamed, "My plan was supposed to work! ZEUS MY BROTHER. WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO ME?!" and with that the skies opened and there Zeus stood.

"I am sorry my brother. I will give you your powers back in an agreement," he said calmly, "Would you like to make that agreement?"

"YES! ANYTHING!" Hades screamed, "What is it?!"

"You will be given your powers and will destroy everything in your path, but you will not kill. I will send a warning sign to the creatures of the sea, sky, and land. They will try and stop you. If they do, then you will forever remain silent until the day of judgment, but if you prevail then you will have you powers back permanently, but you will never kill a single soul that roams the earth. They will come to you, not the other way around, and if you do," Zeus held his lightening bolt firmly in his hands, "Then you will perish. Are we understood?"

Hades nodded as he stood up straight, ready to receive his powers, and with a strike of lightening... he had his powers.

The sky became dark and the earth bare. The cities swarmed with people screaming and with children crying, and they waited for their 'saviors' to came... and so they did.

The End

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