The Legend of Leo the Lion.

During a time when humanity was fairly new, there were only a few dim stars in the sky and life was savage.   

One small tribe in particular was constantly under threat. Again and again, the tribe moved to escape the threat but to no avail, the savages always found them. One day, the savage tribe attacked in the dead of night. Seeing the attackers making their move, a wandering traveller came to the tribes’ aid. With just a broad sword and a torch, lit with flame, the traveller charged, protecting the defenceless tribe.

The brave and noble travellers’ flame shone throughout the darkness, surrounding him in a shining light, bringing hope to the tribes’ people.

Seeing the traveller fight against the savages encourages the members of the tribe to stand up and fight with whatever they could get their hands on. From the ambitious war cries, wandering hunters watch the tribe unite under the light of the brave travellers flame. Feeling inspired, the wandering hunters rise up, protecting the tribe against the savages.

The savages struggle to fight back against the tribe as their numbers begin to dwindle. The leader of the savages runs rapid through the small village, looking for blood to spill. He charges through mud hut after mud hut, destroying all in his path.

The brave traveller runs after him. Through one of the largest mud huts, the savage chief stands with his bloodstained sword over a crying infant. The traveller rushes forward, getting into a struggle with the chief savage. During the struggle, the two crash through the mud hut. The traveller grits his teeth as the savage’s blade bites deeply into his side, casing blood to gush from the wound and drip onto the thick grass below his feet.

Gritting his teeth, the traveller uses the last of his strength to throw his torch on the chief savage, causing him to be engulfed in flame. As the traveller falls to the ground, he smiles as the villagers around him celebrate after the last savage falls.

The brave traveller lays dying, feeling his life bleed out of him. A young woman wearing black fur against her pale skin locks eyes with him as the wind plays with her long star-white hair. The traveller struggles, moving himself so that he is sitting up against a mud hut, his eyes locked onto the strange beautiful woman.

As the villagers celebrate, none of them seem to notice the woman in black. She smiles radiantly, kneeling down in front of the traveller, lightly touching his cheek. “Worry not Leo, you have fought well. Take my hand.” At her hauntingly beautiful voice, the traveller reaches for the woman’s hand as the last of his life flows out through his gaping wound.

As Leo opens his eyes, a blinding light greets him. When it fades, Leo saw the woman from before, smiling brightly at him. When he looked around, the traveller saw the whole of Rune below and the whole universe surrounding him. Being in that realm, he knew that the woman whom saved him was the Moon Goddess. The reason that she bought him there was because she had been watching him for a long time. The Moon Goddess knew that Leo was sure that he was going to die but he still sacrificed himself to unify the small tribe and defeat the savages. The Moon Goddess was indeed moved by Leo’s bravery.

The Moon Goddess made the noble traveller leader of her guardians so that he could forever protect others.

She made it so that Leo was always remembered whenever someone looked up at the sky.

From that day on, the brave traveller was Leo the Lion, and he shone.

The End

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