The Sun and Rain Legend.

Long ago, when the Gods were young and the earth was new, before the Sun and Moon became the leaders of the heavens, the Sun God shone down on all of creation. He looked down upon the world every day, watching everything that he thought was beautiful.

One day, when he was shining his brightest, a twinkle caught the Sun’s eyes. It was the most beautiful thing that he ever saw.

He shone brighter and looked closer at the stunning thing that caught his eye. It was water from the seas and rivers, created by the Rain Goddess. Every day after that, the Sun God would watch the Rain Goddess’s creations shine under his warm glow.

One day, the Rain Goddess watched the world below from the heavens, and cried at the beauty that the Sun God shone upon. From the tears she cried, the Rain Goddess created a lake.

Amazed at the stunning creation, the Sun God sent down his sun rays, lightly kissing the waters of the lake. This kiss created a bow of colours so beautiful that the clouds took it to the heavens, only blessing the world below with it when the Sun God and the Rain Goddess were re-united in the sky.

The End

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