The Moon and Sun Legend.

Long ago, when mortals first walked this earth, the Gods were distant from our species and so, an evil usurper near-destroyed this planet. Chaos was a part of everyday life. People lived in fear and evil stalked the streets, doing whatever evil willed. One God and Goddess, twins, watched over what was happening from the heavens whilst the Elder Gods were fulfilling their own selfish desires.

One day, when the twins were overlooking the chaos below, the screaming and the desperate pleas of a small village below captured the attention of the Goddess. She couldn’t carry on hearing their suffering and so, ignoring her Elders rules, the Goddess left her position in the heavens and went to the aid of the village. She rescued all of them, defeating the demons that roamed, with just a few strikes. To show their admiration, the villagers vowed to devote their lives to her forever more, with their leader declaring that his kin shall forever follow her.

And so, from that day forward, the leaders’ kin wore a distinct mark on the top of their right arm, of their trademark wolf howling at the full moon. The villagers also called themselves members of the Lunar Village Tribe after the Goddess whom saved them. The moon deity.

After rescuing the Lunar Village, the Moon Goddess returned to the sky. The Elder Gods cast their disapproval and disgust towards the Moons actions. Envious of her popularity amongst the mortals, they punished her, by locking her away and keeping her prisoner far away from those who loved her.

There was one Elder God, Exitium the God of Destruction, who thrived on the chaos and despair below, and wanted to concur the heavens. Exitium, with control over the demons, did the unspeakable, slaughtering the Elder Gods whom refused to serve him.

Outraged, the Sun God broke his sister out of her imprisonment, and then they left the heavens. Hand-in-hand, they walked straight into Exitium’s main camp and completely destroyed all whom were there. When the God of Destruction heard of such an attack, he consumed all of the bodies of the dead, becoming a force unseen of.

With Exitium having taken on such a form with so much power, the Sun and Moon united their powers. Together, they managed to rip the limbs off Exitium one by one until he was no more and then they sent the demons back to where they came, trapping them there with the rest of the Gods help.

Together, they all returned to the heavens where the Moon and Sun became the leaders of the Gods.

Ever since that day, all the Gods and the Goddesses look out for those mortals walking across the earth, working together despite their selfishness, in order to produce ever-lasting harmony. 

The End

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