Upon the EveMature

"Another soul," a sinister voice emanated from beneath a dark hood.  The cloaked man stood before a lake in the dead of night, beholding the moon's grandiose reflection which shone upon the black mirror of water.  Quincy, a sauve man, stood uneasily behind the cloaked figure.  He spoke with slight trepidation, "I would hope that this dark deed is to be the last of these rituals."

The cloaked man turned, his hands hidden in each opposite sleeve.

"It won't be long before my thirst is quenched.  The mortal soul can only provide so much for my essence, but it's enough to keep me in the physical realm."

"I might remind you," spoke a couragious Quincy, "that my endeavors for revenge do not require a senseless slaughtering of souls."

The dark man chuckled, "Just as I might remind you, Quincy, that your endeavors for revenge require my powers, which cannot be sustained without sacrifice."

Quincy swallowed as the cloaked figure now approached him.

"My work is done for tonight.  I will see you at dusk tomorrow.  And Quincy?"

He acknowledged the man's inquiry with a lift of the eyebrows.

"I hope you have made plans to keep your promise regarding the pendant.  It is of your best interest to do so."

Quincy nodded, and the hooded man turned from him, before fading into the midst of the night.

The End

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